How much are the Collingsworth worth?

How much are the Collingsworth worth?

Cris Collinsworth net worth Collinsworth’s net worth is $20 million, per Celebrity Net Worth. Much of that value comes from his broadcasting career, which has spanned more than three decades after his NFL retirement.

What church do The Collingsworth Family belong to?

Together, they started their ministry at a church camp in Petersburg, Mich., in August 1986 and now, four children and 34 years later, they have transitioned to an all-concert ministry that will bring them to Rogers First Church of the Nazarene for a performance at 7 p.m. Sept. 11.

Did Olivia Collingsworth get married?

Olivia Collingsworth and Dawson Aichholz’s Wedding Website – The Knot.

How much does The Collingsworth Family charge for a concert?

Typically, The Collingsworth Family tickets can be found for as low as $34.00, with an average price of $67.00.

Is the Collingsworth Family Pentecostal?

The Collingsworth Family is a Southern Gospel/Inspirational group started by Phil and Kim Collingsworth and features their family as the group. They are currently signed to gospel label Gaither Music Group. Phillip Collingsworth, Jr….NQC Music Awards.

Year Award Result
2012 Mixed Group of the Year Won

How do I book the Collingsworth family?

How can I book The Collingsworth Family? You can hire and book The Collingsworth Family by contacting the official agent of The Collingsworth Family. The Collingsworth Family agent will be able to provide you with availability and pricing.

Are any of the Collingsworth Family Married?

Three of the Collingsworth siblings – 27-year-old Brooklyn Blair, 26-year-old Courtney Metz and 23-year-old Phillip – are married, leaving William Blair, Michael Metz and Sharlenae Collingsworth joining their spouses on the bus.

How many people are in the Collingsworth family?

The Collingsworth Family
Years active 2000–present
Labels Stowtown Records/Sony Gaither Music Group/Capitol
Members Phil Collingsworth Kim Collingsworth Brooklyn Collingsworth Blair Courtney Collingsworth Metz Phillip Collingsworth, Jr. Olivia Collingsworth

How many grandchildren do the Collingsworth have?

six grandchildren
The Collingsworth family has four children and six grandchildren from parents Phil and Kim Collingsworth. They are most known for their gospel singing family music group.

How many children does Phillip Collingsworth Jr have?

Their children Brooklyn, Courtney, Phillip and Olivia make up the rest of the group. It’s truly a family affair with the spouses of the kids whom are married heavily involved in the ministry of the family. Their list of accolades, awards, top 40 songs, numerous recording and video projects are endless.

Are The Collingsworth Family Pentecostal?

How many grandchildren does The Collingsworth Family have?