How much did Valiant Lady cost?

How much did Valiant Lady cost?

US$2.55 billion
The three-ship order reportedly cost US$2.55 billion, with the second ship scheduled to begin operating in 2021. The order’s contract for the ships was formally signed on 18 October 2016, the same day Virgin Cruises rebranded as Virgin Voyages.

Where is the Valiant Lady now?

The Valiant Lady ship is currently under construction at Fincantieri’s Sestri Ponente Shipyard (near Genoa Italy).

Is Valiant Lady the same as Scarlet Lady?

The Valiant Lady and the Scarlet Lady are in the same class which means they’re sister ships. For the most part, they’re similar in terms of size and layout; although they may have different features and attractions on board.

Who is the captain of Valiant Lady?

Captain Marco Carsjens
For Captain Marco Carsjens, that was part of the appeal of joining the cruise line. Helming Valiant Lady is a “joy,” says the captain, who has been in the industry for over 25 years.

Is the Valiant Lady sailing?

Valiant Lady will officially make its debut in Portsmouth on March 18, 2022, offering a mix of three-night, 11-night and 12-night voyages, including late-night and overnight stays in Málaga, Palma de Mallorca, the Canary Islands, Lisbon and Belgium.

How many passengers are on the Valiant Lady?

2,700 passengers
Valiant Lady cruise ship design and features It can carry more than 2,700 passengers and 1,150 crew members.

Is the valiant lady sailing?

How many passengers are on the valiant lady?

Is valiant lady a new ship?

Valiant Lady is the line’s second ship, alongside Scarlet Lady, and the duo will be joined by Resilient Lady in August. The launch comes as the line reveals it has seen bookings surge by 178% in the last six months.

How many decks does valiant lady have?

Virgin Voyages Valiant Lady Ship Information

Valiant Lady
Capacity 2,770 passengers
Decks 17
Tonnage 60,000
Registry Bahamas

What is the age limit on Virgin Cruises?

18 years old
Our Voyages are adult-only, so Guests must be at least 18 years old to sail with us.

Where was the valiant lady built?

Fincantieri Sestri Ponente shipyard
Valiant Lady is a new cruise ship being built by Fincantieri Sestri Ponente shipyard in Genoa for Virgin Voyages.