How much does it cost to study in George Brown College?

How much does it cost to study in George Brown College?

George Brown College Tuition Fees

Courses Duration Tuition Fees
Arts (2 Courses) 2 year CAD 13520
Media Films (3 Courses) 2 Year – 3 Year CAD 13520
Information Technology (IT) (4 Courses) 1 Year – 3 Year CAD 13520 – CAD 20280
Management (22 Courses) 8 Month – 4 Year CAD 4311 – CAD 13520

How do I pay my George Brown College fees?

Payment Methods

  1. Credit card (MasterCard, VISA, AMEX, Discover) or VISA Debit. Login to your STUVIEW account at to make the required fee payment.
  2. Certified Cheque, Money Order / Bank Draft. Personal cheques are not accepted. Fees should be made payable to “George Brown College”.

Is George Brown College open for international students?

George Brown College Welcomes International Students Most of our programs have a field education component which gives you a valuable opportunity to work and learn with industry partners who may even one day become your future employer.

Is George Brown College provide work permit?

Students do not need a job offer to apply for a post-graduation work permit. The work permit is an “open” permit and not employer specific (which means that students do not need to change their work permit every time they change jobs).

Does George Brown have application fee?

Application & Tuition Fees International applicants need to pay a non-refundable fee of CAD 95 to apply for any program at George Brown College. This fee is valid for all the three intakes within one academic year.

What is the average cost of college in Ontario?

Average cost of tuition for one academic year in an Ontario college program: Diploma Programs – $2,400. Graduate Certificate Programs – $3,600. Bachelor’s Degree Programs – $6,100.

How do I opt out of fees at George Brown?

If you do not wish to make a payment, you must provide the original letter from your sponsoring agency or scholarship provider confirming that fees will be paid. Please email [email protected] to submit this letter and to be registered by a member of the Registration department.

Does George Brown College need Ielts?

IELTS Requirements: DIPLOMA (2 Years), Advanced Diploma Program (3 Years) & Certificate: Minimum IELTS score required overall 6.0 band and no less than 5.5 in any module.

How long does it take George Brown College to give offer letter?

However, the current application processing time is approximately 4+ weeks. Processing time starts when we begin reviewing applications and issuing offers, not from the time you submit your application.

What is the ranking of George Brown College in Canada?

Ranked among the top research colleges in Canada by the Research Infosource annual rankings. Ranked #80 in Canada by Webometrics Ranking. Ranked #5584 in the world by Webometrics Ranking. Webometrics awarded the George Brown College a continental ranking of #1127.

How do I write a graduation letter at George Brown College?

A proof of graduation letter can be requested by visiting the Letter Request for International Students webpage. Login using your GBC student ID and password. If you graduated from George Brown College more than a year ago and are unable to log into the letter request portal, please email [email protected]

Does George Brown College have may intake?

George Brown College, also denoted at GBC, is a public college of Applied Arts and Technology in Canada….Admission Process.

Admission Intake Application Deadline* College Orientation Week*
May Intake Early August 2nd week of May

How much does it cost to withdraw from George Brown University?

There is a $1000 withdrawal fee for most post-secondary programs. Please see the International Student Withdrawal & Refund Policy for further details, or contact the International Centre by e-mail at [email protected] or call 416-415-5000, ext. 2115. Who gets the refund? You or the organization paying your fees will get the refund.

How many students get scholarships at George Brown College?

Every year George Brown College gives approximately $7.9 million in awards to around 6,000 students in the form of scholarships, bursaries and awards. One of those students could be YOU!

How is George Brown College ranked in Canada?

Around the globe, George Brown College has about 15,000 students in distance education. George Brown was ranked third-best college in research. In 2014, Research Infosource published the report which placed the institution among the top 50 colleges in Canada. Also, in 2013, George Brown College raised about $9.3 million in research funds.

What is the Student Association of George Brown College?

To assist in the provision of varsity athletics and programming and services, and programs that support student physical health and wellbeing. Subject to annual renewal. The Student Association provides extended health and dental insurance to full-time domestic students† at George Brown College.