How much does MapInfo Pro cost?

How much does MapInfo Pro cost?

MapInfo Pro is available from RockWare for customers in the US and Canada only.

04023 MapInfo Pro Single 1-Year Term $880.00
04021 MapInfo Pro Single 3-Year Term $1,980.00
04024 MapInfo Pro Single Premium 1-Year Term $1,380.00
04025 MapInfo Pro Single Premium 3-Year Term $2,480.00

How does MapInfo calculate area?

In MapInfo Pro, simply double left click on any Region/Polygon, Polyline or Point object to see its area, length, and coordinates. 1. Open the Table and navigate to TABLE>Table>Modify Structure and add a field called Area of type Float.

How do I query in mapinfo?

Place the cursor in the “Where Condition” box, click on the Functions drop down and choose the “STR$()” function. Within the parentheses, enter “obj”. Outside of the parentheses, enter the equal (“=”) sign. In quotation marks, enter the object type to be queried.

How do I filter in MapInfo?

  1. MapInfo Pro Basics – See your data in a Browser window.
  2. Right click on any column to sort or filter it.
  3. It is possible to apply filters to multiple columns in your table.
  4. A Browser window that has been sorted and/or filtered can be turned into a query.

What is MapInfo Pro Advanced?

MapInfo Pro Advanced is an extension to MapInfo Pro developed especially to support raster data visualization and analysis. This new engine revolutionizes the way GIS professionals use grid and imagery data and will dramatically improve efficiency.

What can I do with an it subscription to MapInfo?

It allows line of business users to open any MapInfo workspace. Open tables in read-only mode and perform basic map operations such as pan, zoom, or reordering layers. Maintain your GIS edge with a MapInfo Pro subscription.

How do I aggregate values in MapInfo Professional?

You can also aggregate values using statistical or any math functions to associate a symbol or color to a point or a region based on a calculated value. For example, you can use MapInfo Professional to shade your sales territories according to the number of customers you have there.

What programming languages are supported by MapInfo Pro?

MapInfo Pro offers robust support for MapBasic and Python scripting languages. Geocode: Take advantage of best-in-class geocoding from directly within the MapInfo Pro interface.