How much is a signed Shaq rookie card worth?

How much is a signed Shaq rookie card worth?

Recent sale: $3,500. Shaquille O’Neal’s rookie value is very high, as evidenced by this list, and this card tops it at $3,499. This PSA 10 card is one of the 53 cards with that grade in the 382-card population. Of the 1,030 cards seen BGS, none are BGS 10 or Black Label.

What is the rarest Shaquille O’Neal rookie card?

18 Most Valuable Shaq Rookie Cards

  • 1992 Fleer #401. Estimated BGS 10 Value: $250.
  • 1992 Fleer Tony’s Pizza #68. Estimated PSA 10 Value: $175.
  • 1992 Hoops #442. Estimated BGS 10 Value: $200.
  • 1992 Hoops Draft Redemption.
  • 1992 Hoops Magic’s All-Rookie Team #1.
  • 1992 SkyBox #382.
  • 1992 SkyBox Draft Picks #1.
  • 1992 SkyBox Head of the Class.

How much is Shaq Ultra rookie card worth?

We track this card in 4 grades including PSA 10, PSA 9, BGS 9.5 and BGS 9. The highest price we’re tracking for Shaquille O’Neal’s 1992 Fleer Ultra Base #328 is $750.00 and the lowest price is $14.99. You may also find this Shaquille O’Neal card in other variations including All-Rookies and Rejectors.

How much is a Shaquille O’Neal 1992 card worth?

Shaquille O’Neal #362 1992 Topps

Sale Date ▲ ▼ Title ▲ ▼ ▲ ▼ Price
2022-04-22 1992 Topps #362 Shaquille O’Neal RC PSA 9 MINT Shaq Rookie Card Magic Lakers 🔥 #362 $31.00
2022-04-22 1992 Topps Shaquille O’Neal #362 Psa 9 RC #362 $21.50

What year was Michael Jordan a rookie?

Michael Jordan/Career start
That’s a pretty good return for anyone who had the foresight to buy this card before 2013, when you could get it for less than $2,000. Although Jordan’s rookie year is 1984-85, there was no general release of basketball cards until Fleer’s set in 1986-87.

What is LeBron James rookie card worth?

Collectors continue to seek out rare and valuable LeBron James cards. Goldin Auctions set a new record price when a 2003-04 Upper Deck Exquisite Rookie Patch Autograph sold for over $2 million dollars.

Are Shaquille O’Neal rookie cards a good investment?

Shaq rookie cards can be an awesome investment and double or triple in value over time. Even if they don’t, collectors love Shaq rookie cards. The big guy was one of the best players of the 90s and 00s, and one of almost everybody’s favorite players.