How much is Tulalip Tribe worth?

How much is Tulalip Tribe worth?

Gaming has been the big money-maker, helping the tribes amass nearly $1 billion in assets, accountant Todd Menenberg testified midway through the trial, just over a week ago. Almost a third of those resources were cash or bonds. Recent balance sheets showed evidence of “very good, prudent stewardship by the tribes.”

What is the Tulalip tribe known for?

Historically gaining sustenance from fishing, the Tulalips have profited most in recent years from their success in real estate and the casino business, which provide jobs primarily for tribal members. Today the Tulalip Reservation has a population of 9,000 (3,600 tribal members) and a land base of 22,086 acres.

What did the Tulalip tribe live in?

In the old days the Indian people lived in longhouses, but during warm weather the Coastal Salish tribes of Puget Sound followed the game and fish runs erecting temporary encampments that could be moved quickly. They made these temporary house out of cattail or tulle mats.

What language does the Tulalip Tribe speak?

Tulalip Lushootseed The Snohomish Lushootseed spoken at Tulalip exhibits features of both Northern and Southern language, though it is usually categorized as “Northern.”

How much does Tulalip Casino make a year?

Tulalip Resort Casino has 2,500 total employees across all of its locations and generates $283.89 million in sales (USD).

What foods did the Tulalip tribe eat?


  • Fish: five kinds of salmon (spring, humpback, silver, dog, sockeye), steelhead, sturgeon, smelts, herring, flounder, trout, cod, rock cod, skate.
  • Shellfish: clams, oysters, barnacles and crabs.
  • Eggs: fish eggs from salmon and herring, bird eggs from pheasant, lark and duck.
  • Meat: deer and elk meat.

How big is the Tulalip reservation?

22,000 acres
Our tribal population is over 5,100 and growing, with 2,700 members residing on the 22,000 acres Tulalip Indian Reservation. We are located north of Everett and the Snohomish River and west of Marysville, Washington.

What do Tulalip tribe eat?

How do you say dog in Lushootseed?

Speaking Everyday Lushootseed: Animals

  1. Dog – sqʷəbayʔ
  2. Horse – stiqiw.
  3. Deer – sqigʷəc.
  4. Elk – kʷagʷičəd.
  5. Grizzly – stəbtabəl̕
  6. Black Bear – sčətxʷəd.
  7. Cougar – swəwaʔ

What food did the Tulalip tribe eat?