How old is the Samsung core prime?

How old is the Samsung core prime?

1. The 4G version of Samsung Galaxy Core Prime (SM-360FY/DS) was launched on 2 June 2015….Samsung Galaxy Core Prime.

Samsung Galaxy Core Prime on display
Removable storage microSD, microSDXC up to 128 GB
Battery 2000 mAh Li-ion
Data inputs Accelerometer Proximity sensor
Display 4.5 in (110 mm) 480×800 px (207 dpi)

Is Samsung Galaxy Core Prime a smart phone?

Samsung’s Galaxy Core Prime is about as simple a smartphone as you can find anywhere.

Does the galaxy core prime have a SIM card?

A Samsung Galaxy Core Prime uses a Micro sized SIM Card.

How much storage does a Samsung Galaxy Core Prime have?

Description. The Samsung Galaxy Core Prime features 4.5-inch WVGA display, 1.2GHz quad-core processor, 1GB of RAM and 8GB of expandable memory. There is a 5 megapixels, autofocus camera with LED flash on the back, as well as 2 megapixels front shooter.

How do you put a SIM card in a Samsung Galaxy Core Prime?

With the display facing away, locate the notch in the cover (located on the upper-left edge) then gently pull the cover off. Locate the notch in the lower right corner of the battery then gently pull the battery out. With the gold contacts facing down, insert the card notched end first into the SIM card slot.

Is Galaxy Core Prime 3G?

Enjoy a smoother, faster and enhanced experience with Android KitKat on the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime….SAMSUNG Galaxy Core Prime (Silver, 8 GB) (1 GB RAM)

Network Type 3G
Wi-Fi Yes
Wi-Fi Version 802.11 b/g/n
USB Connectivity Yes

How do you put a SD card in a Samsung Galaxy Core Prime?

  1. Lift the back cover off your device.
  2. Remove the battery.
  3. Carefully slide your SD card into the slot at the top of the device.
  4. Replace the battery by sliding it back into the battery compartment on the back of the device.

Is the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime a good entry-level phone?

One of Verizon and MetroPCS’ least-expensive phones, the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime makes a decent entry-level choice, but it still isn’t as good as the competition.

What are the dimensions of the Galaxy Core Prime?

(Read on for more!) 5.2 inches by 2.7 inches by 0.35-inch (131.3 by 68.4 by 8.8mm) I hate to say that when you’ve seen one Samsung you’ve seen them all, but that’s certainly the case for this pleasantly predictable Galaxy Core Prime.

What version of Android does the Galaxy Core Prime run?

The Galaxy Core Prime runs Android 4.4.4 KitKat, which isn’t the latest version of the OS (Android 5.1 Lollipop is), with Android M coming up soon. If this handset updates, which it might not, it’ll be to the Android M taste treat I believe, and skip Lollipop entirely.

How much does the Verizon core prime cost?

That’s $7 per month on the 24-month Verizon Edge plan; $30 with a new, two-year contract; or $168 when you buy it at full retail and contract-free. MetroPCS, meanwhile, sells the Core Prime for $130 without a contract, but I saw it on sale for $50 after a mail-in rebate.