How old is TJ Henderson?

How old is TJ Henderson?

The character of T.J. Henderson (whose full first and middle name was never revealed), played by Tahj Mowry. The youngest child in his family. He’s 10-11 years old in seasons 1 and 2 (and 12 in season 3), and, as the title suggests, is smart, with an I.Q. of 180.

What does TJ stand for in Smart Guy?

T.J. Jones Teddy Henderson Was Played By Tahj Mowry he is the youngest member of the Henderson’s Family But He is in Piedmont High School With Marcus Henderson in Morris He Is Smart and A Straight A Student Everybody Know’s T.J. is Smart and he past 6 Grade But When He Punched Blake Jordan He Was Grounded He Was Born …

Does Yvette date Mo?

Storyline. In order to keep Deion off her back, Yvette fakes a relationship with Mo and begins developing actual feelings for him. Meanwhile, Floyd makes Marcus work at his roofing company in order to teach him the value of a college education.

Did Smart Guy get Cancelled?

When asked if Smart Guy was doing well before its cancelation, Weaver explained: “It was doing well, but the network was like ‘okay well we want to try something different, we’re kind of moving in a different path now, this has been fun.

Who is the dad from Smart Guy?

dad John Marshall Jones
Actor, producer, director and mentor John Marshall Jones displays versatility not just in his career but in his home as well.

Who is the daughter from the Smart Guy?

Played by Essence Atkins, the character of Tasha Yvette Henderson – who is generally referred to by her middle name – is the older sister of Marcus and T.J. and the only daughter of Floyd Henderson.

Who is the oldest in Smart Guy?

For the uninitiated, Smart Guy ran from 1997 to 1999 and follows whiz-kid prodigy T.J. Henderson, a 10-year-old so smart he’s starting high school with his older brother Marcus (Jason Weaver).

How old is Tahj Mowry?

35 years (May 17, 1986)Tahj Mowry / Age

Is smart guy a spin off of Sister Sister?

Smart Guy is a sitcom that aired on The WB for three seasons (technically, two-and-a-third, since the first season was seven episodes) from April 2, 1997 to May 16, 1999 and is the sister series to Sister, Sister (pun intended), by way of both being produced by Suzanne dePasse’s production company dePasse Entertainment …

How old is Jason Weaver?

42 years (July 18, 1979)Jason Weaver / Age

Who is the daughter from the smart guy?