How tall do Ceanothus get?

How tall do Ceanothus get?

It grows from 3-6 ft tall, will adapt to clay, and can tolerate limited deer browsing. Ceanothus ‘Concha’ is a highly adaptable garden-worthy cultivar, accepting summer water more forgivingly than most, with dark green glossy leaves and deep, cobalt blue flower clusters in late spring.

Is Ceanothus good in shade?

Beautiful shrub or small tree with long medium blue flower clusters. Okay for shade, assorted soils. Good for hot, sunny slopes. Tightly clustered white flowers cover holly-like leaves.

Are Ceanothus slow growing?

Ceanothus thyrsiflorus var. repens is one of the hardiest ceanothus. It’s a low-growing, evergreen shrub which, in May and June, is smothered in fluffy, powder-blue flowers and and assortment of pollinators. It’s easy to grow and care for, and forms a natural, shapely mound.

What is the lowest growing Ceanothus?

Ceanothus ‘Centennial’ This low growing Ceanothus has bright, cobalt-blue flowers and small dark-green, shiny leaves. Spreads quickly to around one foot tall by 6 – 8 feet wide. The flowers are displayed in profusions of small pom-poms colored an intense deep-blue set above small glossy foliage.

Does Ceanothus grow fast?

Ceanothus are fast-growing, long-flowering shrubs and as a result, can be shortlived – after around 10-15 years they may start to lose their shape and get rather leggy. As they don’t respond well to hard pruning, it’s best to replace plants at this stage.

Is Ceanothus a ground cover?

If you’re looking for a native, drought-tolerant ground cover, that grows to about 6 inches tall, Ceanothus thyrsiflorus var.

Which is best Ceanothus for a hedge?

Californian Lilac
Californian Lilac is regarded as the hardiest of all Ceanothus hedge plants and looks great trained against walls and fences.

What is the best Ceanothus?

Our pick of the best ceanothus

  • Blue Mound. Spreading small-leaved evergreen.
  • Blue Sapphire. Dark purple-green evergreen leaves on arching stems.
  • Concha. Larger grower clothed in small evergreen leaves.
  • Cool Blue. New variegated dwarf form.
  • Dark Star. Deep purple-blue honey-scented flowers on arching stems.
  • C.

What is the best ceanothus to buy?

Which ceanothus is most hardy?

Ceanothus varieties to grow repens is one of the hardiest varieties, with pale blue flowers. It is a low-growing evergreen, forming a natural mounded shape and looks good at the front of a mixed border, or grown as ground cover.