Is a Maule a good airplane?

Is a Maule a good airplane?

Having said all that, the Maule is a great plane. It certainly lives up to its name “Star Rocket,” as it takes off in STOL type distances, 300 feet or so, and having 73 gallons of usable fuel gives a lot of flexibility.

How much does a Maule airplane cost?

The base prices of $297,900 for the M-9-235 (carbureted), $307,900 for the fuel-injected M-9-235 certified in 2012, and $321,900 for the 260-hp version all include “a full gyro panel” and modern engine instrumentation in the form of a JPI EDM 930 engine analyzer, Maule said, but no radios, and plenty of room for panel …

Is Maule aircraft still in business?

Maule Air, Incorporated, based in Moultrie, is a family-owned aircraft manufacturing company that produces single-engine, four-place STOL (Short Takeoff Or Landing) aircraft. Founded in 1941, Maule Air is the oldest of the few small aircraft manufacturers in Georgia.

Is Maule a certified aircraft?

Maule developed a four-place aircraft — certificated in 1961 — and put it into what has become a 37-year production run.

How much does a super STOL cost?

The Highlander SuperStol can be purchased as an SLSA for $104,500, a price that includes a 100 hp Rotax 912ULS engine, and it can also be ordered as an experimental kit.

Who is Maule Air?

Maule Air Inc. is wholly owned and operated by the Maule family since it was founded by B.D. and June Maule in 1941. When you buy a Maule, you are not just buying the most versatile S.T.O.L. aircraft in the world, you become a part of the Maule family. Being able to land in the front yard if I want to.”

What is a Maule Maule?

The aircraft produced by Maule Air are tube-and-fabric designs and are popular with bush pilots, thanks to their very low stall speed, their tundra tires and oleo strut landing gear. Most Maules are built with tailwheel or amphibious configurations, although the newer MXT models have tricycle gear.

When did the Maule company start making aircraft?

In 1941 the B.D. Maule Co. was founded, and Maule produced tailwheels and fabric testers. In 1953 he began design work, and started aircraft production with the “Bee-Dee” M-4 in 1957.

What is a Maule M-7?

The Maule M-7 is a family of single-engine light aircraft that has been manufactured in the United States since the mid-1980s.