Is a splitter the same as a riving knife?

Is a splitter the same as a riving knife?

Both sit behind the blade to prevent the two sides of a cut piece of wood from pinching or rotating into the blade. This, in turn, prevents the workpiece from kicking back at the operator. However, a splitter typically doesn’t change height, while a riving knife raises and lowers with the blade.

Should a riving knife be above the blade?

For non-through cuts, you obviously want the knife set below the blade height. For through cuts, it’s safer to have it come up above the blade because it leaves less of the back of blade exposed to launch lumber from. Mine is usually set above the blade height but can be adjusted in a few seconds as needed.

Does a circular saw need a riving knife?

Riving knives are also fitted to some hand-held electrical circular and powered miter or cross-cut saws (known generically as “chop saws”). As of 2009, Underwriters Laboratories (UL) requires that all new table saw designs include a riving knife.

How wide should a riving knife be?

The same response indicates that riving knives should be as thin or thinner than the kerf of the saw blade.

Can you put a riving knife on a Powermatic 66?

Based on one article I found, it seems the design of the arbor assembly on the original Powermatic 66 cannot be modified to accommodate a true riving knife, which raises, lowers, and tilts with the blade. If you cannot retrofit a riving knife on your older saw, there is a less convenient but somewhat viable workaround.

What happened to the Powermatic 66 table saw?

First, our Powermatic 66 table saw has been replaced with a newer model by the manufacturer, so we have used some aftermarket items to keep it safe and up to speed. One of these is the splitter shown above (made by Biesemeyer a number of years ago). But before I get too far I want to point out that this is a splitter, not a riving knife.

Can a riving knife be attached to a table saw?

Many older table saws came equipped with a splitter, which is not as safe as a riving knife. I have one such saw, a Powermatic 64, but there are many others. What are some options for equipping a riving knife on to a table saw which came with a splitter, but not a riving knife? Show activity on this post.

How do Riving knives work?

A riving knife is designed to move with the height of the blade and maintain a close clearance distance between the knife and the blade — a safer option. The Shark Guard Ark Shown in place. As you might imagine, to keep the distance equal with the blade requires some extra parts under the top.