Is accurate 4350 any good?

Is accurate 4350 any good?

Accurate 4350® is an exceptional choice for the 6mm Rem, 270 Win, 280 Rem and 300 WSM. This short cut extruded powder meters accurately, resulting in excellent shot-to-shot consistency. Made in Canada.

What is H4350 best used for?

H4350 is ideal in the WSM family of calibers (270, 7mm, 30, 325) and is also the standard in such cartridges as the 243 Winchester, 6mm Remington, 270 Winchester, 338 Winchester Magnum and many more. For magnums with light- to moderate-weight bullets, it can’t be beat!

Did Hodgdon buy accurate powder?

Hodgdon Powder Company is pleased to announce the acquisition of the Ramshot and Accurate smokeless powder brands and the Blackhorn 209 muzzleloader brand from Western Powders.

What is accurate 4350 powder?

Accurate 4350 is a short cut, single-base, extruded rifle powder in the extremely popular 4350 burn range. A highly versatile powder, 4350 can be used in a wide range of cartridges from the popular 243 Win to the 338 Win Mag with excellent results. Accurate 4350® is an exceptional choice for the 6mm Rem, 270 Win, 280 Rem and 300 WSM.

Will 4350 go up to 41?

Just finished up loading test charges of Accurate 4350 in 39.4, 39.6, 39.8, 40.0. being longer than 2.710, I may indeed be able to go up to 41 eventually if necessary. less cut granules. Now to get some decent weather and targets, I’ll give these a whirl and find a winner, or not…

What is the difference between xmr4350 and AA 4350?

XMR4350 was the name the former Accurate Arms company used on its Czech manufactured 4350-equivalent grade many, many years ago. Accurate Arms dropped the ‘XMR’ bit whilst still in business as an independent company and it was usually then referred to as ‘AA-4350’ in loading manuals and elsewhere.

Can I use AA 4350 powder instead of IMR 4350?

That powder is intended to duplicate the IMR 4350, so I think you’ll find that it will serve you well, at about the same charge level that you were using with the IMR version. Work up from a grain or so below the IMR 4350 level you were using, and search for the accuracy node. I have not used AA 4350, but have used AA 4064.