Is Ambala near to Chandigarh?

Is Ambala near to Chandigarh?

The Distance between Ambala to Chandigarh by road is 48KM.

What is the difference between Ambala and Chandigarh?

Distance between Ambala and Chandigarh The miles based distance from Ambala to Chandigarh is 24.5 miles. This is a straight line distance and so most of the time the actual travel distance between Ambala and Chandigarh may be higher or vary due to curvature of the road .

What is the name of Chandigarh railway station?

Chandigarh Junction railway station (station code:- CDG), serves the union territory city of Chandigarh. The station is at an elevation of 330.77 metres (1,085.2 ft) and was assigned the code – CDG.

How many railway station is there in Chandigarh?

1 railway stations
There are 1 railway stations in Chandigarh.

Which airport is near to Ambala?

Chandigarh International Airport
Nearest Airport: The airport nearest to Ambala is Chandigarh International Airport, which is located at a distance of 42 kilometres from the city.

Which is better Manali or Shimla?

The verdict is that Shimla is mainly a more crowded destination but all its attractions are quite close to the city center. On the other hand, Manali is mainly more for adventure seekers and best visited during winter season. So, if you’re someone who enjoys adventure sports, Manali is a good choice.

How many trains are there between Ambala Cant Chandigarh?

Ambala Cant Chandigarh Trains: As listed in above table there are total 30 direct trains between AMBALA CANT JN (UMB) and CHANDIGARH (CDG). Departure time of 12311 HWH DLIKLK MAIL at AMBALA CANT JN is 02:05. Its arrival time at CHANDIGARH is 02:55.

How far is the Chandigarh Express from Ambala to CDG?

Chandigarh Express (15011) departs from Ambala Cant Jn station (UMB) at 14:15 and arrives Chandigarh station (CDG) at 15:00 taking a total of 45 mints to cover the distance of 45 kms.

What is the total distance of SRE-CDG link exp at Ambala Cant Jn?

It covers total distance of 45 kilometer in 00h 50m. Departure time of 22687 SRE-CDG LINK EXP at AMBALA CANT JN is 03:05. Its arrival time at CHANDIGARH is 03:50. It covers total distance of 45 kilometer in 00h 45m.