Is an SM58 a good studio mic?

Is an SM58 a good studio mic?

The mic has managed to impress a long list of artists for its quality sound and durability. This cardioid microphone is still the best pick for live vocals performance today. Market surveys show that the Sure SM58, alongside its kin the Shure SM57 is the bestselling studio mics (SMs) of all times.

Is the SM48 as good as the SM58?

When compared to Shure SM48, Shure SM58 is way ahead in terms of popularity. In terms of the frequency range, the Shure SM58 is better with a range between 50 -15000 Hertz. The Shure SM48, on the other hand, has a range between 55 – 14,000 Hertz.

Is the SM58 good for vocals?

Yes, Shure SM58 is good for recording vocals and it is a great microphone to have in your studio. The shure SM58 is traditionally used as a live vocal performance microphone.

Can you mic a guitar amp with an SM58?

You can use an SM58 for recording guitar with great results. It is particularly good for recording from a guitar amplifier due to it being a robust dynamic microphone that can deal with high volumes. Whilst it also works well for acoustic guitar a condenser microphone is usually the preferred option in that situation.

Why is the Shure SM58 so popular?

The Shure SM58 has made a reputation for itself among musicians. This mic is the whole package: it’s durable, affordable, and reliable. In fact, there’s little this vocal microphone can’t do. Time to find out if this 15-year-old piece of hardware can keep pace with today’s competition.

Which is better PG58 or SM58?

The small difference is that the PG58 tends to sound a bit rough around the edges, while the SM58 is more accurate, clean, but not as loud, which contributes to it sounding less harsh. Frequency Response. 60Hz-15kHz for the PG58, and 50Hz-15kHz for the SM58.

Is the Shure SM48 good for podcasting?

Two of Shure’s standout microphones are the SM48 and the SM58. Both of these are ideal for recording vocals, which is perfect for podcasting, and both come with a variety of other features that place them amongst the best sound recording equipment you’ll ever find.