Is Curro a special school?

Is Curro a special school?

We have specialised classrooms At Curro Assisted Learning schools, we carefully maintain small class sizes and minimise visual and tactile obstacles by considering the learning environment as a whole.

Does Curro have a high school?

Curro Academy Protea Glen is an independent school in Protea Glen, Soweto, that provides high-quality education for learners from Grade 8 to Grade 11, with higher grades phasing in annually.

Is Curro a private or public school?

Curro is the largest independent school network in South Africa that offers a range of options for parents looking for independent schooling.

Does Curro have Setswana?

Learners further benefit from our enhanced curriculum by having Setswana as an additional language option, and 21st-century learning is implemented in subjects such as Geography and Physical sciences.

What is a Curro School?

Furthermore, as a Curro School , 21st-century learning is implemented in subjects such as Information Technology and Engineering Graphics and Design. Our learners also use tablets in class rather than textbooks for certain subjects.

What are the Curro create programmes?

We offer two Curro Create programmes aimed at helping learners develop their creative talents to their full potential: Curro Arts Superhero (CAS) is an internal creative mentorship platform with a grading element, where learners are encouraged to discover, develop and display their inherent creative talents.

What is Curro Alumni Hub?

The hub focuses on four disciplines, namely film studies, sound engineering, photography, and music production. Curro Alumni aims to reconnect former matriculants with one another and keep them updated on developments within the Curro family.

What Sports does Curro offer?

As a Curro School, we believe that sport plays an important role in promoting friendship, team-awareness and self-confidence in addition to physical well-being. Therefore, we offer a variety of sports activities that include specialised activities such as Curro tennis and Curro golf.