Is EBTH still in business?

Is EBTH still in business?

Currently EBTH has 325 employees across two Ohio warehouses — their headquarters based in Blue Ash, Ohio at 217,000 sq ft and a secondary 24,000 sq ft facility outside of Columbus — where team members research, authenticate, photograph, and curate items listed for sale on

Who bought EBTH?

Brian Graves
Everything but the House (EBTH) was purchased by its original founders in late August out of a legal proceeding designed to sell the business to pay off its debts. Founders Brian Graves and Jacquie Denny, along with a syndicate of investors, bought the company for $3.5 million.

Where is the EBTH headquarters?

Cincinnati, OH
EBTH, Inc. Contacts

Email: *****@*******.***
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Address: 650 Wilmer Avenue Cincinnati, OH 45226 USA

Is EBTH a reputable company?

Overview. Everything But The House has a consumer rating of 2.77 stars from 754 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about Everything But The House most frequently mention customer service, credit card and shipping costs problems.

What auction site is used for everything but the house?

A listing on HGTV’s website advertises a new series featuring Everything but the House (EBTH), a Cincinnati startup that offers an online auction house for estate sales or families looking to downsize. The show is titled “Everything but the House” and is hosted by Lara Spencer, who also hosts HGTV’s “Flea Market Flip.”

How much does it cost to use EBTH?

As an example, if an item sells for $200, the seller take home will be 60% and you will receive $120. If an item sells for $50, EBTH will take a minimum commission of $30 for that item and you will receive $20….11. COMMISSIONS AND FEES.

Selling Item Price EBTH Commission Seller Take Home
> $1000 20% 80%

What is everything but the house?

EVERYTHING BUT THE HOUSE. A curated & authenticated marketplace to find & sell everything worth owning, starting at $1. Visit our online auction and place your bid today! # ebth.

How does EBTH make money?

EBTH makes its money by taking 40 percent of the total sale, and also charge buyers for shipping. The company says more than 99 pecent of the items on sell. Those that don’t could be included in a bigger consignment sale, donated, or returned to the seller.

What is the commission for everything but the house?

“We let the market decide the value of the items.” EBTH then takes a commission of 35 to 45 percent, depending on the location of the sale and facilitates the shipping and pickup of the items.

How do you bid on EBTH?

Go to the detailed view of the Item. This can be done by clicking on the title or name of an Item. Once you see the detailed view which will include all pictures and a detailed description as well as dimensions and condition details, you will see the “Place Bid” box on the right of the pictures.

Can I sell on everything but the house?

If you want to buy items rather than sell everything in your home, you can do it on the Everything But the House website. From designer clothing and accessories to original artwork and furniture, you can place bids on pretty much anything. It’s like eBay, but for those who have had liquidation sales from their homes.

Can I sell on EBTH?

EBTH makes selling items easy and trustworthy by handling the process every step of the way. After you sign your contract they will be professionally photographed, catalogued with detailed descriptions and uploaded to our site. We manage the 5-7 day online auction, payment and shipping to the winners.

What does HMRC do with EBTs?

What HMRC would like to do is take an EBT, look at the various tax aspects and determine where there is a liability – in respect of the employing company, current and former employees. The HMRC ambition is to reach a settlement with all parties without having to resort to expensive litigation

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What is an EBT Trust?

An EBT is simply a discretionary trust – with “offshore” trustees – designed to act as a “money box” for those high earning employees who do not need immediate access to their full remuneration package.

When should companies with EBTs seek specialist tax advice?

Companies using employee benefit trusts (EBTs) and potential beneficiaries of such trusts should seek specialist tax advice as soon as possible as HM Revenue & Customs clamps down on loopholes, writes Gerry Brown, manager of Tax and Trusts at Prudential.