Is Firefly Snowboard good?

Is Firefly Snowboard good?

The product is very good. Love the graphics, and it glides perfectly smooth in powder. Great for any beginner to advanced. Flex is in the mid range, so you can ride easy.

Who makes Firefly snowboards?

Firefly is an exclusive brand distributed by Intersport.

Does the length of a snowboard matter?

Ability Level. Beginners should choose a shorter snowboard than they otherwise would if they were more advanced. A shorter snowboard is easier to maneuver and easy to manage when you are just starting out. As a rule you should take between 3cm and 5cm off of the length of your snowboard.

What brand is Firefly?

Is Firefly a good ski brand?

If you’re looking for a cheap pair of skis you got it! yes firefly is cheap but they’re not a legit snowboard or snowlerblade company. they are the private brand of the forzani group, sportcheks parent company. firefly also does footwear, outerwear and other cheap crap.

Are Firefly jackets waterproof?

New Boys Firefly Cale Ski Jacket Waterproof, Insulated FB4525 MSRP$140.

Is ride a Burton brand?

Burton created the Learn to Ride program in 1998. It was the only snowboard company to focus on instruction methods and beginner-specific equipment. Its goal was to give beginner snowboarders the best initial snowboarding experience possible, so they would continue to snowboard.

Who started Ride Snowboards?

Hailing from the Western shores of the USA, Ride Snowboards was initially a project for Roger Madison to keep him busy in the winter when the sales of his indoor tanning machines dropped. He teamed up with James Salter who had headed up Kemper snowboards till a few years previous with another Ride founder – Tim Pogue.

What are the best snowboard bindings for beginners?

It’s affordable enough to make it a solid choice for beginner boarders while packing enough punch to keep up with your ride for several seasons to come. Pair it up with the Burton Freestyle Snowboard Bindings. Best For: Beginners looking for an all mountain board that rides best in a single direction with easy turns.

Who makes the best beginner snowboards?

Burton – The undisputed king of snowboards and accessories. They invented the category and still maintain a solid leadership position by producing an excellent line of beginner snowboards. When you progress they will have a snowboard for you!

Are Rossignol snowboards any good?

Rossignol – If you are even somewhat aware of skiing you have probably heard of Rossignol. This French company has been around since 1907 and you don’t stay in business that long unless you produce quality products. Needless to say they make quality beginner snowboards.