Is first year residence guaranteed at McMaster?

Is first year residence guaranteed at McMaster?

First-year students coming directly from high school with an admission average of 90% or higher will be notified that they have guaranteed residence when receiving their offer of admission from McMaster. To confirm this offer, they must complete their residence application and pay their deposit before the deadline.

What is the best residence at McMaster?

Best place to live: On campus, the Les Prince and Mary Keyes residences are the most sought-after. Near campus, there are many beautiful student houses on Sterling, Forsyth, and other streets cutting through Westdale.

Is residence guaranteed at McMaster?

Residence rooms are determined by a lottery process. All students guaranteed a space in residence who have completed the residence application by the deadline will be placed in a lottery.

How much does it cost to live in residence at McMaster?

Cost Comparison

Cost of Living in Residence
Single residence room (8 months of classes) $7,925
Utilities $0
Transportation, monthly bus pass (McMaster students ride free) $0
Meal plan costs start at $3,955 for the lightest plan $4,335 (cost of the regular size, full plan 2019/2020)

Can you choose your roommate at McMaster?

We know that if you and a friend are both coming to McMaster you may want to share a room. We guarantee that you will be rooming with one roommate of your choosing if both you and your desired roommate: have guaranteed residence offers. meet the residence application and deposit deadline.

How do you pay for residence at McMaster?

Make a payment

  1. Log in to your financial institution’s website.
  2. Go to Bill Payments.
  3. Select McMaster University.
  4. Enter amount you wish to pay.
  5. Confirm the information.
  6. Take a screenshot as a proof of payment.

How many residences are at McMaster?

Residence & Housing Living in residence is an amazing way to adjust to university while being supported by a great community. Our 13 on-campus residences offer a variety of traditional dormitory style and apartment/suite style rooms in each building.

Are McMaster dorms coed?

Mary E. Keyes Residence is a co-ed residence that houses up to 280 students across seven floors. Rooms are suite-style, with four people living in each suite.

Can you request to dorm with a friend?

Most colleges have a housing form that all freshmen-to-be who plan to live on campus must complete. Often this form will allow you to include the name of an intended roommate. In such cases, if you put your best friend’s name on this form and then your friend puts yours, you will be able to room together.

Is McMaster an expensive school?

The average cost for tuition, residence and a meal plan at McMaster is about $43,000 CAD. In the U.S., that figure is more than 50 per cent higher: between $65,000 and $70,000 CAD.

How many units is a McMaster term?

How many units of courses should I enrol in for my first year at McMaster? Your course load should be balanced between the Fall Term (September to December) and Winter Term (January to April). For most students this means taking 15 units each term.

Where do McMaster students live?

Westdale and Ainslie Wood are neighbourhoods adjacent to McMaster University’s main campus. Housing options in these neighbourhoods are within walking distance of the main campus and offer easy access to public transportation (via city buses) to and from campus as well as into the heart of Hamilton’s downtown.

How many on-campus residences are there?

Our 13 on-campus residences offer a variety of traditional dormitory style and apartment/suite style rooms in each building. This new 340,000 square foot building of multi-functional space opened in fall 2019 and is the largest building on campus. It features a 500-bed residence and conference facility on floors 4 through 10.

What is it like to live in a student residence building?

Students living in this residence building enjoy some of the best views of campus and nearby nature areas. It also features two new 600 seat student lecture halls, two food outlets, underground parking, a new daycare and a state of the art active learning classroom.

Is space in residence guaranteed to all first-year students?

A space in residence is not guaranteed to all first-year students, but all first-year students are welcome to apply for residence if they are interested.

When will residence open for 2021-2022?

Residence is closed for the December break starting on December 24 and will re-open January 14, 2022. Click here for the latest updates on the 2021-2022 Residence Application. Find the most recent updates here, as well as FAQs for students, faculty and staff. Planning to come to McMaster?