Is Kare Kano a romance?

Is Kare Kano a romance?

The romance in Kare Kano is real romance. Yukino and Souichiro’s relationship is treated realistically, seriously. They meet, they fall in love, things progress. It has a remarkable authenticity, especially in the early episodes.

Are Kano His and Her Circumstances?

Kare Kano (Japanese: 彼氏彼女の事情, Hepburn: Kareshi Kanojo no Jijō, lit. “His and Her Circumstances”) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Masami Tsuda. It was serialized in LaLa from 1996 to 2005 and collected in 21 tankōbon volumes by Hakusensha.

Why was Kare Kano Cancelled?

Kare Kano’s Anime Production Problems While Tsuda wanted to focus more on the romantic and comedic aspect of the story, Anno wanted to look into the relationships between Arima and Miyazawa. This clash of creators seems to be one of the causes that the anime drops in quality, is unfinished, and was eventually canceled.

Why did Hideaki Anno leave Kare Kano?

She was so unhappy with the direction the show took that she openly voiced her resentment before it was even completed. That criticism coupled with some complaints with the TV Broadcaster forced Gainax to restructure how the anime would be made, with Anno leaving the project after 16 episodes.

Is Kare Kano a shoujo anime?

Kare Kano does contain the usual shoujo romance story elements when it comes to the trials for our main couple (jealous outsiders, temporary separation). But originality is able to come through with the way the leading characters handle their problems, often ending in a comedic resolve to their troubles.

Is Kare Kano based on a true story?

Based on the popular shoujo manga by Masami Tsuda, Kare Kano is about the blossoming love between two high school students who lived a life of lies, pretending to be the perfect person for their own reasons. Being able to truthfully open up to each other, their initial friendship turns to love.

Why is the animation in Kare Kano so bad?

The animation is more or less quite poor in Kare Kano. Taking into account this show is from 1998, anyone can easily see the budget was definitely not allocated to producing good animation. The first half of the show had its moments, the animation in this part of the series were acceptable.