Is MizzouRec free?

Is MizzouRec free?

The Recreation Facility Fee allows students to use campus-based indoor and outdoor facilities, as well as virtual offerings, as a self-service participant. This is a mandatory fee charged to all campus students enrolled in the credit threshold regardless of usage.

Can I bring a guest to MizzouRec?

Active MizzouRec members can bring up to two guests per day to MizzouRec for $12/day (includes tax). All guests must be over the age of 18 and present a photo ID whenever checking in with their sponsoring member. Members are expected to accompany their guests throughout their visit.

Who owns the Marshall Rec Center?

Capstone will own and operate the facilities for 30 years when ownership will transfer to the university.

How do I get into MizzouRec?

You must have an active MU student ID or MizzouRec-issued ID (for non-student members) to access the facility. If you forget your ID, you may present another official form of photo ID at the Member & Guest Services desk.

Does Mizzou have a gym?

Students find a home at MizzouRec. On a campus of more than 30,000 students, it can be hard to find a home. But MizzouRec, MU’s award-winning student recreation facility, provides some with a sense of belonging.

When was the Marshall Rec Center built?

The center was built in the 1940’s at the corner of Marshall Ave. and 33rd. street in Newport News. The rebuilt center looks new inside and out at a cost cost of $1.3 million.

Does Marshall University have a gym?

Welcome to the Rec Center There is something for everyone-whether it be personal training, group fitness classes, intramurals or an outdoor trip, the Rec has something for you.

Where should I live at Mizzou?

Living Large Mizzou is home to four different neighborhoods: College Crossing, Truman Central, Southwest Village and Park View. Each neighborhood offers easy access to dining options and resources to maximize your Mizzou experience.