Is Paul Auster married?

Is Paul Auster married?

Siri Hustvedtm. 1982
Lydia Davism. 1974–1979
Paul Auster/Spouse

Who is James Whitmore Jr father?

James WhitmoreJames Whitmore Jr. / FatherJames Allen Whitmore Jr. was an American actor. He received numerous accolades, including a Golden Globe Award, a Grammy Award, a Primetime Emmy Award, a Theatre World Award, and a Tony Award, plus two Academy Award nominations. Wikipedia

Is James Whitmore Jr married?

Salesha AliJames Whitmore Jr. / Spouse (m. 1972)

Who are Chevy Chase’s parents?

Edward Tinsley Chase
Cathalene Parker Browning
Chevy Chase/Parents

Who was James Whitmore married to?

Noreen Nashm. 2001–2009
Nancy Mygattm. 1979–1982Audra Lindleym. 1972–1979Nancy Mygattm. 1947–1970
James Whitmore/Spouse

What nationality was James Whitmore?

AmericanJames Whitmore / Nationality

What happened to James Whitmore Jr on Black Sheep Squadron?

What happened to James Whitmore? Death. Whitmore was diagnosed with lung cancer in November 2008. He died from the disease at the age of 87 on February 6, 2009, at his Malibu, California home.

Where is Bill Murray from?

Evanston, ILBill Murray / Place of birth

Who is Paul Raymond?

(1997) Paul Raymond (15 November 1925 – 2 March 2008), born Geoffrey Anthony Quinn, was an English publisher, club owner, and property developer.

What bands did Paul Raymond play in?

Plastic Penny, Chicken Shack, Savoy Brown, Danny Kirwan, UFO, Michael Schenker Group, Waysted, Paul Raymond Project, Tony Jackson Group. Paul Martin Raymond (16 November 1945 – 13 April 2019) was an English keyboardist/guitarist, best known for playing in UFO and Michael Schenker Group.

What was the original name of Paul Raymond’s film?

The working title was The King of Soho, but this was changed as Howard Raymond had already trademarked it for another (as yet unmade) drama about his father’s life; he stated that he had “never wanted or sought” to prevent Winterbottom’s film being made. ^ a b c d e f g h i “Paul Raymond”. The Daily Telegraph. 3 March 2008.

What happened to Paul Raymond of UFO?

Raymond was left handed and played guitar with the strings inverted. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Paul Raymond (musician). Raymond died from a heart attack on 13 April 2019; he was 73 years old. At the time of his death, UFO had just completed the first leg of what they refer to as their final world tour,…