Is Pioneer A good mutual fund?

Is Pioneer A good mutual fund?

The company, with its experienced workforce and investment professionals, has been able to offer the best opportunities worldwide. Below we share with you three top-ranked Pioneer mutual funds. Each has earned a Zacks Mutual Fund Rank #1 (Strong Buy) and is expected to outperform its peers in the future.

What are Amundi Funds?

Amundi’s business involves managing investment funds in which individual investors, institutional investors or companies can invest, on either a collective or individual basis (via mandates and dedicated funds), using their savings, capital and/or treasury, by delegating the management of that money to Amundi.

What is Pioneer Mutual Fund?

The Fund seeks the creation of income and appreciation of capital through investment principally in publicly-traded equity securities of companies, including common and preferred stocks and securities convertible into common and preferred stocks. Performance will be measured over a full market cycle.

When did amundi acquire Pioneer?

It was December 2016 when the news broke. Amundi had struck a deal with Pioneer Investments, which would roll the Milan-headquartered company into the French group and make the eighth-largest asset manager in the world (at the time).

What is the initial sales charge on Pioneer Fund a shares?

Source: Morningstar, Amundi US. Pioneer Fund’s A shares did not have an initial sales charge at inception. The initial sales charge on the A shares has varied throughout the Fund’s history and has sometimes been higher than the current initial sales charge of 5.75%.

Who is the founder of Pioneer Investments?

Phil Carret began investing in the 1920s and founded Pioneer Investments (now Amundi US) in 1928. Phil was one of the first to realize he could uncover value through rigorous, innovative research techniques.

What do the since inception results for Pioneer Fund tell us?

Keep in mind, the since inception results for Pioneer Fund are not usual and investors should not expect similar results. The results cover a lengthy time period where the effects of holding the Fund shares for the entire period and compounding had a material impact on the Fund’s return.