Is the Battlestar Galactica miniseries a prequel?

Is the Battlestar Galactica miniseries a prequel?

Moore and directed by Michael Rymer. It was the first part of the Battlestar Galactica remake based on the 1978 Battlestar Galactica television series, and served as a backdoor pilot for the 2004 television series. The miniseries aired originally on Sci Fi in the United States starting on December 8, 2003.

How did the original Battlestar Galactica end?

Moore’s finale saw the Galactica attack a heavily-armed Cylon colony in order to rescue Hera Agathon, the only known human-cylon hybrid. After the thrilling battle, the humans emerge victorious; however, the ship sustained significant damage and is at risk of being dragged into a black hole.

Can I watch Battlestar Galactica on Netflix?

There was a time when Battlestar Galactica was available to stream on platforms like Netflix and Hulu, but that time has since come and gone. Neither platform has the show available right now.

How do I start watching Battlestar Galactica?

Episode 1,Scattered

  • Episode 2,Valley of Darkness
  • Episode 3,Fragged
  • Episode 4,Resistance
  • Episode 5,The Farm
  • Episode 6,Home,Part 1
  • Episode 7,Home,Part 2
  • Episode 8,Final Cut
  • Episode 9,Flight of the Phoenix
  • Episode 10,Pegasus
  • Why is Battlestar Galactica leaving Netflix?

    Netflix has a limited budget so they simply choose not to carry that title anymore. They may sometimes come up with exclusivity rights to a different streaming streaming company like Amazon Prime. So you better clear your evening schedule for the rest of the month! level 2. shadowdra126.

    When did the original Battlestar Galactica TV series air?

    Battlestar Galactica is an American science fiction media franchise created by Glen A. Larson.The franchise began with the original television series in 1978, and was followed by a short-run sequel series (Galactica 1980), a line of book adaptations, original novels, comic books, a board game, and video games.A re-imagined version of Battlestar Galactica aired as a two-part, three-hour

    Will Battlestar Galactica come back to Netflix?

    It will probably never come back to Netflix, but it is on Hulu. Alternatively, BSG DVDs and Blu-Rays are really cheap right now. Semi-offtopic tangent: You can expect Star Trek to disappear from Netflix when the licensing expires in a couple years now that CBS has their own competing service. The upcoming series is already CBS-exclusive.