Is The Intouchables a French movie?

Is The Intouchables a French movie?

The Intouchables (French: Intouchables, pronounced [ɛ̃tuʃablə]), also known as Untouchable in the UK and Ireland, is a French buddy comedy-drama film written and directed by Olivier Nakache & Éric Toledano.

What movie is based on The Intouchables?

The Upside
But it wasn’t the first timing snag The Upside had encountered. The film is a remake of the 2011 French film The Intouchables, directed by Olivier Nakache and Éric Toledano and starring François Cluzet and Omar Sy. That movie was a massive hit in France, eventually becoming the No.

What is the moral of Les Intouchables?

The film focuses around two themes: friendship & respect. You are presented with two characters who are different in every way: socially, morally & financially. However, the way in which their bond develops on screen is just amazing.

Are there two versions of The Intouchables?

The Upside is the latest such remake for The Intouchables and features an American take on it. It’s a good film in it own right, but one which felt it was necessary to bring some changes from the original move. Here are eight differences between The Intouchables and The Upside.

What is the plot of the movie The Intouchables?

A Parisian aristocrat, quadriplegic since a paragliding accident, hires a young man to be his live-in caretaker. Although very different the two men bond and develop a close friendship.Intouchables / Film synopsis

Is intouchables based on a true story?

“Intouchables,” or “The Untouchables,” is based on the true story of Philippe Pozzo di Borgo, a wealthy businessman who was left a quadriplegic after a paragliding accident, and his aide, Abdel Sellou, an unemployed, Algerian-born resident of a lower-class suburb, or banlieue, near Paris. (The film recreates Mr.

What French film is the upside based on?

The Intouchables
It is a remake of the French 2011 film The Intouchables, which was itself inspired by the lives of Abdel Sallou and Philippe Pozzo di Borgo. The film follows a paralyzed billionaire (Bryan Cranston) who strikes up an unlikely friendship with a recently paroled convict (Kevin Hart) whom he hires to take care of him.

Was the upside a true story?

Yes. The Upside true story reveals that the real-life paragliding accident happened in the Savoyard reliefs of Mont Bisanne in the Swiss Alps in 1993 when Philippe was 42. He had been distracted by thoughts of the workers he had laid off and hadn’t been paying enough attention to what he was doing.

Why is the movie called The Intouchables?

The title of the film, Intouchables (Untouchables), refers to the circumstances surrounding the protagonists: Driss has almost no future and even his family has given up on him; while Philippe seems so fragile that no on dares get close to him, afraid that he will break.

Where was intouchables filmed?

Paris, France
The Intouchables was mainly shot in Paris, France. The paragliding scene took place in Mont Bisanne, Villard-sur-Doron. Filming locations included Buvette des Marionnettes, Hôtel d’Avaray, and Les Deux Magots. Cabourg, France.

Is Intouchables based on a true story?

Is the Intouchables a foreign language film?

In September 2012, it was announced that The Intouchables had been selected as the French entry for the Best Foreign Language Oscar for the 85th Academy Awards. In December 2012, it made the January shortlist, but was ultimately not selected for inclusion among the final nominees.

Is the Lying Game based on a true story?

The Lying Game is an American teen drama mystery television series developed by Charles Pratt Jr. It premiered on ABC Family on August 15, 2011, and ended on March 12, 2013. The series was produced by Pratt Enterprises, Alloy Entertainment, and Warner Horizon Television and is loosely based on a series of books of the same name by Sara Shepard.

How much money has the movie The Intouchables made?

The film has grossed $166 million in France and $444.7 million worldwide as of 12 May 2013. On 20 March 2012, The Intouchables became the highest-grossing movie in a language other than English with $281 million worldwide.

How many people watched The Intouchables in France in 2011?

After four weeks, by 25 November 2011, The Intouchables had already become the most-watched film in France in 2011. After sixteen weeks, more than 19 million people had seen the film in France.