Is the Nixon Time Teller watch real gold?

Is the Nixon Time Teller watch real gold?

TIME TELLER, ALL GOLD. An original Nixon design, the gold watch face Women’s Time Teller is clean-cut and high-concept with 3-hand movement and a sleek gold metal band….About this item.

Brand, Seller, or Collection Name NIXON
Band Color Gold
Dial color Gold
Bezel material Stainless Steel
Bezel function GMT

Is the Nixon Time Teller P watch waterproof?

This watch is water resistant so you can wear it in the pool, ocean, or lake.

Can Nixon watches go in water?

Water ratings for watches 3 ATM – Safe for splashes, not submersion or extreme temperature changes. 5 ATM – Covers showering and quick submersion. 10 ATM – Good for surfing, swimming, and repeated submersion. 10 ATM + Lock Crown – For all intents and purposes, counts as waterproof.

Is Nixon a luxury?

Nixon is not generally known for creating luxury watches. It usually caters its gear towards younger markets with vibrantly colorful watches that are made from cheaper materials like rubber and cloth.

Do Nixon gold watches fade?

Without a doubt, the answer to all those questions is yes. That’s the nature of gold plating. It wears down, rubs off, fades and exposes the white base metal beneath. Plating is basically just an outside layer or shell of gold overlay that covers up your watch (or any gold plated jewelry).

Are Nixon’s waterproof?

Nixon is a brand rooted in surfing. It’s always been a priority for us to make our watches highly water-resistant, but we also go one step further to make them ocean-friendly. All of our surf-ready watches and some of our other water-resistant watches use #tide ocean material made from recycled ocean plastics.

Whats special about Nixon watches?

Nixon Watches are made with extremely durable materials. Many of their watches are made out of stainless steel, which is a type of metal that is resistant to corrosion and heat. Silver, gold, or rose-gold strap designs are also popular within the Nixon community.

What kind of Watch is the Nixon Time Teller P A119?

Nixon Time Teller P A119. 100m Water Resistant Men’s Watch (40mm Watch Face. Poly Band) NIXON TIME TELLER P, MATTE BLACK. This Nixon watch has a minimal design in a 40mm package. The matte black finish gives power in appearance and spirit, while the 20mm polyurethane band adds comfort CLEAN AND PRECISE.

What is the best time teller watch for men?

Nixon Time Teller P A119. 100m Water Resistant Men’s Watch (40mm Watch Face. Poly Band) NIXON TIME TELLER P, MATTE BLACK.

What is the time teller?

The Time Teller is a simple Nixon watch that stands the test of time FUELED BY ADVENTURES. We deliver products that meet your needs in various high-stress work and play environments, whether it’s across the globe or down the street

What is the Nixon Supplier Code of conduct?

Nixon’s Supplier Code of Conduct ensures all of our suppliers are adhering to socially responsible business practices, meaning all products are produced under lawful, humane, and ethical conditions. ACCESSORIES THAT REFLECT WHO WE ARE & THE LIFE WE LIVE.