Is the Scion iQ safe?

Is the Scion iQ safe?

The Scion iQ was introduced in the 2012 model year. Despite its tiny proportions, it has front and rear seats and is capable of carrying 4 people….Moderate overlap front.

Overall evaluation G
Structure and safety cage G
Driver injury measures
Head/neck G
Chest G

Are scion tc safe cars?

The Scion tC was redesigned for the 2011 model year. Beginning with 2014 models, the side curtain airbags were reprogrammed to deploy in small overlap frontal crashes to improve occupant protection….Small overlap front: driver-side.

Overall evaluation A
Driver injury measures
Head/neck G
Chest G
Hip/thigh G

How many airbags does a Scion iQ have?

11 standard
The iQ also boasts an industry-leading 11 standard airbags, including front seat-cushion airbags and the world’s first rear window airbag, along with dual front, knee, front side-impact and overhead curtain airbags.

How much does a Scion iQ cost?

Scion iQ Price Is $15,995 In The United States | GCBC.

How much is a Scion iQ?

Scion iQ Price Is $15,995 In The United States.

Is the Scion iQ a kei car?

Because of its overall width and engine displacement, the iQ is classified in its home market as a supermini, though its length complies with kei car dimensional regulations.

Why was the Scion iQ discontinued?

Basically Scion learned that, unlike Europeans, Americans will never be willing to pay extra for a premium small car. At a base price of $16,435, the iQ was just too pricey.

Is the Scion iQ a hybrid?

Like other Toyota full hybrid vehicles, the iQ EV is equipped with a regenerative braking system.