Is there a way to clear Facebook wall?

Is there a way to clear Facebook wall?

Click the Timeline, Photo and Tag Review drop-down to filter specific tags. Mobile users must select nested categories to view posts, tags, interactions, and more specific actions. When you come across something you want to remove, select the three-dot menu to delete, hide, or archive; unlike a comment; or remove tag.

How do I archive my Facebook in 2021?

Open the group and select the “Tools” icon from the top-right corner. Now, select the “Group Settings” option. Here, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and tap the “Archive” button. From the next screen, select a reason for archiving, and tap the “Continue” button.

Is there a way to archive all Facebook posts?

To get to Activity Log, however, you’ll need to tap on the “More” tab (it looks like three horizontal lines), then tap on Settings & Privacy > Settings and choose “Activity Log” under the “Your Facebook information” section. You can now tap “Manage Your Posts” to bulk-archive or delete.

Does someone know if you delete their post on Facebook?

Facebook doesn’t notify a user when someone deletes a post they had left on their Timeline, but they are definitely notified that a post had been put on there in the first place. That being said, whether your friend will ever see that notification depends on how she next views her Facebook page.

Can a Facebook post be deleted by someone else?

If you want the post removed entirely, contact the person who posted it. You can’t delete a Facebook post someone else posted. If the post is threatening, harassing or otherwise seems to violate Facebook’s policies, you can report it to Facebook.

Is there a way to delete Facebook wall posts and comments?

On with the show. Thanks to clever developers on the Userscripts community, believe it or not there is a ‘magic button’ method of deleting Facebook wall posts and comments en masse. This method takes the least effort, and also requires the least user intervention.

How do you clean the inside of a wall?

Work top to bottom, left to right, and gently spray (more mist than stream) the wall down with your cleaner of choice. Apply some pressure and literally mop the wall. It seems to work best using a side to side motion then work your way down. It really is just that easy!

Is a wet rag the best way to clean walls?

Yes, a wet rag is the most basic way to wash walls or surfaces throughout the home, and I only recommend doing it in low-traffic areas because otherwise you really should use some sort of cleaning agent to wash away body oils and smudges that make our homes actually dirty. The Easiest/Most Painless Way To Wash Walls.

Why should you clean up your Facebook account?

Cleaning up your Facebook account can prevent you from getting fired, rejected, or generally damaging your professional and personal life. It also forces you to re-examine your relationship with your account’s privacy settings. Some people think that by engaging in “private” or “semi-private” exchanges, they can be unfiltered.