Is Vita through the IRS?

Is Vita through the IRS?

While the IRS manages the VITA and TCE programs, the VITA/TCE sites are operated by IRS partners and staffed by volunteers who want to make a difference in their communities.

What is VITA and TCE?

The IRS’s Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) and Tax Counseling for the Elderly (TCE) programs offer free tax return preparation to qualified individuals. VITA sites offer free tax help to people who need assistance in preparing their tax returns, including: People who generally make $58,000 or less.

What is an IRS grant?

a. The grant is a scholarship or fellowship and is to be used for study at an educational institution that normally maintains a regular faculty and curriculum and normally has a regularly organized body of students in attendance at the place where the educational activities are carried on.

Does a grant count as income?

In most instances, grant funds are counted as taxable income on your federal tax return. This means that you will be required to pay taxes on these funds.

What is the volunteer income tax assistance program?

The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program administered by the IRS has a rich history. It began after the Tax Reform Act of 1969 was passed as part of an increased emphasis on taxpayer education.

How can I volunteer to help someone with taxes?

IRS Tax Volunteers. Simple. Volunteer to help your community by preparing taxes free of charge with the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) or Tax Counseling for the Elderly (TCE) Programs. You will receive training to provide free tax help for low-to-moderate income families who need assistance preparing their tax returns.

Does Vita volunteer with the IRS?

Many VITA/TCE volunteers have several years of service helping taxpayers, including many IRS employees who volunteer their time to help. For example, one of our Deputy Commissioners recently completed training to assist at a VITA site. One of our tax attorneys began volunteering as a college student and continues to this day.

Did you know there are organizations that offer free income tax preparation?

Did you know that there are thousands of organizations throughout the country that include free income tax return preparation and free electronic filing as one of the services they provide to underserved people in their communities?