What are EmOC services?

What are EmOC services?

EmOC consist of a package of life-saving interventions or signal functions that include administration of parenteral antibiotics, uterotonic drugs, parenteral anticonvulsants, manual removal of placenta, removal of retained products of conception, assisted vaginal delivery by application of vacuum or forceps, neo-natal …

What are the services of BEmONC?

(i) Provision of Family Planning and other pre-pregnancy services including adolescent health and control of sexually transmitted infections and HIV prevention services. (ii) Access to comprehensive antenatal care services. (iii) Facility-based births attended by skilled health professionals.

Why is EmOC important?

Access to quality emergency obstetrics care (EmOC) is fundamental to reducing maternal and newborn deaths and is a possible way of achieving the target of the fifth millennium development goal.

What are the emergency obstetric care?

Emergency obstetric care (EmOC) is an evidence-based service required to manage potentially life-threatening complications that affect many women during pregnancy, childbirth, and the immediate postpartum period [8, 9].

What is the full form of EmOC?

EMOC Full Form

Full Form Category Term
Educational Materials for Organic Chemistry Chemistry EMOC

What is basic emergency obstetric and newborn care BEmONC?

Basic emergency obstetric and newborn care (BEmONC) is a primary health care level initiative promoted in low- and middle-income countries to reduce maternal and newborn mortality.

What are emergency obstetric services?

A set of seven key obstetric services, or “signal functions,” has been identified as critical to basic emergency obstetric and newborn care (BEmONC): administration of parenteral antibiotics; administration of parenteral anticonvulsants; administration of parenteral uterotonics; removal of retained products (manual …

What are the obstetric emergency?

Obstetric emergencies are health problems that are life-threatening for pregnant women and their babies. An obstetric emergency may arise at any time during pregnancy, labour and birth. Hospital care is needed for all obstetric emergencies, as the woman may need specialist care and an extended hospital stay.

What is emergency obstetric care EmOC?

Emergency obstetric care (EmOC) refers to the care of women and newborns during pregnancy, delivery, and the time after delivery. Women in emergency situations must have access to EmOC, as it is essential to saving lives everywhere in the world.