What are the 4 elements of decisive action?

What are the 4 elements of decisive action?

And yet within the doctrinal hierarchy of the four elements of decisive action (offense, defense, stability, and defense support of civil authorities), the US Army prioritizes offensive operations.

Can a theater army be a JTF?

The theater army is also capable of serving as a JTF or joint force land component command for immediate response and small- scale operations (using a contingency command post). Execute combatant commander’s daily operational requirements.

WHO reports readiness to the SecDef?

by the SecDef, is tasked to prepare for designated mission sets, focuses on organization, process, manning, equipping, and training, and reports joint readiness to the SecDef. USSOCOM has had success forming SOJTF HQs tailored to the mission around a designated commander at a CONUS location.

What are the four components of the operational framework?

An operational framework is a guide to a company’s policies, goals, standards, procedures and training.

What does ARFOR do in the Army?

As part of controlling Army forces, the ARFOR maintains ADCON of Army forces and addresses service responsibilities such as coordinating ASOS (See ADP 4-0 and Chapter 4 of this ATP for more information on ASOS.) Perform Joint Roles in Limited Scope, Scale, and Duration

What information should be provided to the ARFOR and staff?

Give the ARFOR and staff the concept of operations and weight of effort for and CASAI target priorities, reconnaissance, electronic warfare, and nuclear weapons employment information from the AOC. Organizational Framework 24 July 2015 ATP 3-09.13 2-5

What is ARFOR-BCD?

The – BCD is the critical ARFOR element which ensures the proper sharing of operational level information, and the facilitation of better mutual understanding between the ARFOR and the ACC. 24 July 2015 ATP 3-09.13 A-1

How long does ARFOR take to project?

24 to 96 hour projections of the ARFOR commander’s concept of operation, targeting priorities, and air support requests for AI, CAS, reconnaissance, electronic warfare, and military information support operations.