What are the chances of getting humbug?

What are the chances of getting humbug?

There is roughly a 1% chance of breeding this successfully.

How long does it take to breed humbug?

It will take 12 hours, 38 minutes, and 15 seconds to breed. Like all Rare single-element Ethereals, Rare Humbug has excellent shard production, bested only by other single-element Rare and Epic Monsters.

How do you breed Floogull?


  1. + Cybop and Kayna.
  2. + Stogg and Tweedle.
  3. + Glowl and Noggin.

Can you breed a Yawstrich?

Breeding[1] The Yawstrich is exclusive to the PlayStation Vita, and Android version of the game, and cannot be bred on other platforms. The breeding combination is: T-Rox + Scups.

How do you breed a Blabbit in my singing monsters?

Keep breeding both Scups and Spunge since they’re currently the only breeding combination that can grant you a Blabbit. Furthermore, you can even add one rare Scups and one rare Spunge to the breeding structure to get a Blabbit.

How do you get a Deedge?

Breeding. The Deedge can be bred using monsters that combine to provide all the elements Air, Plant, Water and Cold without repeating any. Of these,Thumpies+Toe Jammer is the best combination, as it has the lowest average breeding times in case of breeding failure. Spunge + Mammott is a close second.

How do I breed a Reebro dragon?


  1. + Riff and Congle.
  2. + Riff and Scups.
  3. + Riff and PomPom.
  4. + Riff and T-Rox.

What does a humbug sound like?

The Humbug’s song is a legato synthesizer sound, providing smooth chords to an island’s song. The Humbug can be bred using a combination of one four-element monster and one three-element monster. Possible combination (s):

Where can I find a humbug?

Humbugs naturally enjoy warm weather, and are drawn to humid places where the hum produced by their wings has the finest tone. This Monster, like all Single-Element Ethereal Monsters, can only breed on Ethereal Island .

When did the Humbug join the song?

The Humbug joined the song on February 19 th 2014. Its body resembles that of a bee, wasp, or hornet, with charcoal-gray and light greenish-yellow furry stripes. It has a beaked face. When this monster is idle, it stays in tempo by bending its knees like the Quarrister, except for the steadier motion and a slight twitch of its wings.

What does Humbug mean in English?

“Humbug” is an English-language term, originally (mid-1700s) referring to a trickster or fraud, later used more generally as a term of derision or scorn (e.g. “Bah! Humbug!”). More recently the word has been used to describe bugs that actually hum, and Norton Juster’s novel The Phantom Tollbooth has an insect character named “Humbug”.