What are the different types of dental scalers?

What are the different types of dental scalers?

There are three types of mechanical scalers; sonic, ultrasonic and rotary.

What instruments are used for teeth scaling?

Scaling and Curettage Instruments

  • Sickle Scalers. Sickle scalers have a flat surface and two cutting edges that converge in a sharply pointed tip.
  • Curettes.
  • Schwartz Periotrievers.
  • Plastic and Titanium Instruments for Implants.
  • Hoe Scalers.
  • Files.
  • Chisel Scalers.
  • Quétin Furcation Curettes.

What is a hand scaler used for in dentistry?

Scaling removes plaque from around the gum margins and other places where bacteria gather and adhere. Removing plaque, hard tartar or calculus, is important to prevent gum disease and guard against tooth loss.

What is the difference between a scaler and a curette?

The major difference between the design of a scaler and a curette is in the shape of the blade. In cross section, the blade of a scaler is triangular, whereas a curette is semicircular.

What is Cavitron ultrasonic scaler?

Cavitron™ – Ultrasonic scaler capable of 30,000 vibrations/sec. Piezoelectric scaler. Ultrasonic scalers are used to remove calculus rapidly from the tooth surface. The scaling tip vibrates in the ultrasonic range of 20-45 kHz (i.e. 20,000 to 45,000 times per second), with an optimum frequency between 18 kHz and 32kHz.

Is manual scaling better than ultrasonic?

Research has shown that ultrasonic scaling instruments are at least as effective as manual scalers at removing tartar from tooth surfaces, including from within gum pockets that are shallow. However, where ultrasonic instruments really shine is in the clearing of deposits from deeper pockets.

What is a shank in dental?

Shank: connects the handle to the working end and allows adaptation of the working end to tooth surfaces. 3. Working end: carries out the function of the instrument and is unique to each instrument type. INSTRUMENT HANDLES Instrument handles are available in a variety of shapes and styles.

What is a scaler used for in dentistry?

In periodontal dentistry, scalers and curettes are used for root planning and the removal of plaque and tartar from patient’s teeth. Be sure to browse the Henry Schein Dental website to view the new Air Collection: our lightest line made from stainless steel.

Does Henry Schein make scalers for dentists?

Henry Schein also offers dental scalers and curettes under the Henry Schein private label brand. All Henry Schein Brand dental scalers and curettes are designed to meet all of your dental practice needs, whether performing a surgery or a routine exam. All Henry Schein Brand products are backed by the Henry Schein Seal of Excellence.

Which is the best brand of scalers and curettes?

RDH Buyer’s Guide Scalers and Curettes. 1 ADMT. Noteworthy: On its Web site, ADMT claims to have started as a response to ergonomic issues in the dental profession. The products were developed 2 American Eagle. 3 Brasseler. 4 Dentsply Professional. 5 Hu-Friedy.

What is a sickle scaler used for?

Sickle Scalers are instruments that come in use for removing supragingival calculus. Sickle scalers have a flat surface and two cutting edges that converge to form a tip. The shape of the instrument is such that the tip does not break off during use. The design of the instrument is such that it is difficult to insert it underneath the gingiva.