What are the korfball rules?

What are the korfball rules?

The Main Rules

  • The ball is played with the hands only.
  • Controlled physical contact is allowed.
  • A player can’t move with the ball in the hands.
  • A player can’t take a shot if they are being ‘defended’
  • The court is divided into two halves, players can’t cross the halfway line.
  • Two positions are played, attack and defense.

What does the word korfball mean?

/ (ˈkɔːfˌbɔːl) / noun. an indoor game similar to basketball, in which each team consists of four men and four women. (formerly) an out game similar to basketball, in which each team consists of six men and six women.

What are the benefits of playing korfball?

Korfball makes you an all-rounder At any given moment you will either be attacking or defending but after 2 goals are scored you will change ends meaning that attackers become defenders and defenders become attackers.

What are the skills in korfball?

Korfball is a very diverse sport; you have to be able to attack and defend and be both tactical and technical. However, korfball players have way more skills! They need the ability of speed, strength and physical endurance and finally being able to control the ball in a skillful way.

What equipment is used in korfball?

In terms of equipment, the ball used must be a round number 5 type ball that has been approved by the IKF, should weigh between 445g and 475 and have a circumference of between 68cm and 70.5cm.

How do you shoot korfball?

Ideally the shot should be quite high – it is harder to sink a “flat” shot and the ball is likely to get lost if you miss. You should bend your knees and use your legs for power. For excellent technique your elbows should be by your sides and your hands should finish together not spread apart.

What is korfball?

DEFINITION AND INTRODUCTION Korfball is a sport played by hand within a rectangular field of play whereby two mixed teams try to shoot a ball into the korf (basket) of the opposite team.

How many people play Korfball?

Korfball is growing. La Haye estimates there are about 300,000 to 400,000 active players in the world right now. He is also planning to launch a small-sided “beach korfball variety” where each team only consists of four players as opposed to eight.

Is korfball the only mixed-gender sport?

Korfball, however, still claims to be the “world’s only dedicated mixed-gender sport” because there’s no way to play it without both men and women. A mixed team is as central to the game as a basket and a court is.

What makes the best Korfball teams succeed?

According to the International Korfball Federation, co-ed cooperation isn’t just what makes the best korfball teams succeed — it’s a model the next generation of sports will take to heart. “Korf” literally translates to “basket” in Dutch, and korfball itself looks something like basketball at first glance.