What are the techniques of discus?

What are the techniques of discus?

Follow the simple steps described below.

  • Stand with your legs and shoulders wide apart.
  • Position yourself vertical to the throwing direction.
  • Place the discus in your throwing hand.
  • Swing the discus in a forward-back manner next to your body.
  • Squeeze the discus properly.
  • Position the throwing palm flat.

What are the 3 phases of the throw in discus?

A useful way of breaking it down is thinking about three key phases, a beginning, middle and end. In each phase there are several sections. For the following example, the beginning is the wind and pivot, followed by the middle, the step, 180 and turn, and the end is the release.

What is a good discus brand?

What are the best throwing discus brands? ThrowsLab athletes tend to throw with FiberSport, Nelco, Denfliy, and VS discus product lines. These brands all make products that offer superior performance and offer excellent customer service. Other brands that we recommend include Cantabrian, Gill, Nishi, and OTE.

How many discus throw techniques?

two types
There are two types of finishes in the discus throw, the non-reverse and the reverse. Some throwers throw without reversing the feet while others do lift off the ground; there is disagreement if throwing with fixed feet is more effective than throwing with a reverse.

What are the equipment used in discus?

The modern discus used in men’s competition is circular, about 219 mm (8.6 inches) in diameter and 44 mm (1.75 inches) thick at its centre. It is made of wood or similar material, with a smooth metal rim and small, circular brass plates set flush into its sides. Its weight must be not less than 2 kg (4.4 pounds).

What is follow through in discus?

The follow-through is a very important part of the whole throwing technique. It completes the throw by allowing the player to utilize all of their power, instead of stopping shot and limiting it.

What is the difference between discus and shot put?

The shot put and discus are throwing events in track and field. The shot put involves throwing a heavy, round metal ball, while the discus involves throwing a heavy round disc.

How do you throw the perfect discus?

The head and chest are up, the right hip is out and the discus arm is on stretch. Remember that the right leg should still be bent. The head continues to move and stay with the chest, not ahead of it. Once the upper body is facing towards the front of the ring the athlete should initiate a “block” with the left side.

How much does a discus weight for middle school?

1 kilograms discuses are common in middle school, but, again check with your state’s rules. The discus weighs the same for high school girls and college women, at 1 kilogram or just more than 2.2 pounds. High school boys in the United States use the 1.6 kilogram discus, which is just over 3.5 pounds.

What is the correct stance for discus throw?

Step 1 – Discus Standing Throw Stance The feet should be shoulder width apart or slightly wider depending on the height of the athlete. The left foot should be at the front of the ring and the right foot close to the middle. The reason why the feet are in this position is to allow the right foot to turn and maximize power from the legs and hips.

How do you rise to the occasion in the discus?

Often times “rising to the occasion” is actually falling to your level of training. The tap around drill helps to build patience and reinforce the sensations of hitting the correct pivot turn position (aka step to the middle). Head and chest up, discus back, correct shin angle and right foot placement etc. Position – Without the discus.

What are the best discus for sale?

Anyone looking for a great value discus for sale should seriously look into the Clintz Rubber Discus which offers suitability for all ages and levels to ensure quality practice time with excellent results to help you and your kids get the most from a discus.

Can you throw discus with a flat foot?

The discus throw is about rotation which becomes very difficult if you have a flat foot. Russ Winger gets ready for a stand throw while filming “Throwing Smarter, Throwing Farther.” He’s on the balls of the feet and a little wider than shoulder width apart.