What area of London does the knowledge cover?

What area of London does the knowledge cover?

Charing Cross
320 standard routes through central London, or “runs”, are defined in the Guide to Learning the Knowledge of London, which is produced by the Public Carriage Office. In all, some 25,000 streets within a six-mile radius of Charing Cross are covered, along with the major arterial routes through the rest of London.

What area does the knowledge cover?

The Knowledge comprises 320 routes which stretch across London. These routes, know in the trade as ‘runs’ can be found in the ‘Guide to Learning The Knowledge of London’ (more commonly known as the ‘Blue Book’, even though for decades the cover has been pink), which is issued to anyone who wants to become a cab driver.

Do taxi drivers in London still do the knowledge?

Anyone who wants to drive an iconic London cab must memorize them all: the Knowledge of London. The Knowledge was introduced as a requirement for taxi drivers in 1865.

How many streets do London taxi drivers need to memorize?

25,000 streets
And a cab driver in London is required to know the quickest way off by heart. That is because they know the center of the British capital; they’ll have committed 320 runs across 25,000 streets, encompassing at least 20,000 landmarks, to memory.

Do black cabs use sat navs?

Thanks to sat navs, many of us can get around the capital with very little knowledge of the area. However, black cab drivers do not use sat navs and are held to very high standards to know their way around London. Before drivers can become licensed, they are put through a very difficult test called ‘The Knowledge’.

Do London cabbies earn good money?

Once qualified, cab drivers earn an average of $45,000 to $50,000 a year.

How many people are doing the London Knowledge?

On an average year, there are around 2000 individuals studying for the KOL. As reported in TaxiPoint this month, there are currently around 700 drivers at the testing stage for the KOL.

What does a London cabbie earn?

Do black cab drivers still have to do the Knowledge?

In order to have the right to drive the iconic London cabs candidates have to pass through the world-renowned Knowledge of London Test. The Knowledge was introduced as a requirement for taxi drivers in 1865 and mastering the test typically takes students three to four years.

Do London cabs use GPS?

By law, the drivers of London’s black cabs must memorize all of the city’s streets, a process that takes years of study. The taxi drivers are opposed to Uber and drivers using a GPS, but the High Court ruled in favor of Uber last week.

Do Uber drivers have to pass the knowledge?

Anyone can access a GPS device to get around, and though they also ply London streets performing a similar job, Uber drivers don’t have to learn the Knowledge to earn a license (they only have to pass a less stringent map reading test).

How much do London black cabs earn?

As London taxi drivers are self-employed and dictate how many hours they work, the role – and therefore the salary – is highly individualised. Estimates indicate that the average driver earns around £625 per week.