What DC character is a Libra?

What DC character is a Libra?

Libra (DC Comics)

Alter ego Justin Ballantine
Team affiliations Injustice Gang The Society
Notable aliases Equinox
Abilities Superpower absorption

How do you get variant comic covers?

Cover variants are found at your local comic shop and online retailers. Your LCS will give you the cheapest prices as you’ll have to pay shipping if you buy it anywhere online. Also, the key to getting the Cover Variant you want is by requesting it from your shop a month (or more) in advance.

When did variant covers start?

The first comic book marketed with a variant cover was the 1986 first issue of The Man of Steel, which featured two different covers by writer/artist John Byrne.

What Zodiac is Superman?

Superman is a Libra When you think about Superman, nothing could be more true, as sometimes, he does carry the weight of the world. He’s the only one strong enough after all.

Why did DC change its logo?

DC Comics has a brand-new logo. The company announced today that, as a tribute to its 80-year history as one of the biggest comics publishers in the industry, the DC logo would return to the simple typographic styling of the past.

Why are there blank comic covers?

Now it seems that every single new comic book from all publishers also contains a blank cover version. These are fun to collect and of course the purpose is for talented artists to use them as their canvass for their own 1 of a kind unique covers. Many have become very valuable online.

What’s new in DC Comics in October 2020?

New information about what’s to come, new stories, and new things to look forward to across DC’s line. DC’s big release for October 2020 is Batman #100, the culmination of the publisher’s flagship title since it was relaunched for 2016’s line-wide ‘Rebirth’ revamp.

Will there be DC Pride 2022 variant covers?

Check out a preview of DC Pride 2022 here! Throughout DC’s line of monthly comics, DC’s 2022 Pride-themed variant covers will feature many of DC’s leading LGBTQIA+ characters, including Jon Kent, Nubia, Jackson Hyde, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Tim Drake and more.

How do I view multiple variant covers on Newsarama?

And with Newsarama’s new site comes a new browsing experience. If you see arrows in the image boxes and an “Image 1 of x” in the upper left corner, there are multiple variant covers to check out. Click the left and right arrows to see them all.