What did Joseph Gordon-Levitt say about 500 Days of Summer?

What did Joseph Gordon-Levitt say about 500 Days of Summer?

“The (500) Days of Summer attitude of ‘He wants you so bad’ seems attractive to some women and men, especially younger ones. But I would encourage anyone who has a crush on my character to watch it again and examine how selfish he is,” he told the magazine back in 2012.

Is 500 Days of Summer a coming of age movie?

Marc Webb describes his film (500) Days of Summer as “a coming-of-age story masquerading as a love story.” This means the romantic in you can find the love story, and the cynic in you can find the character development.

Is Summer the villain in 500 days?

500 Days of Summer’s tormented romance proved that Tom, not Summer, was the real villain of this heartbreaking story. In the 2009 indie rom-com, 500 Days of Summer, Zooey Deschanel’s Summer was the one villainized, viewed by Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and his peers as an emotional vampire and user of sorts.

Is 500 Days of Summer true story?

‘500 Days of Summer’: Tom and Summer’s IKEA Scene Was Inspired by a Real-Life Experience at the Swedish Furniture Company. When the movie (500) Days of Summer begins, the prologue makes sure to inform you that although the story is a boy-meets-girl one, it’s not necessarily a love story.

What does 500 days of summer teach us?

Possibly one of the most important lessons from (500) Days of Summer is that your happiness cannot be dependent on another person. Summer becomes the only source of happiness for Tom, and he loses himself because of that. It is unfair to put that pressure on another person, but also on yourself.

What happened with summer in 500 days of summer?

They have a good time at the wedding and Summer invites Tom to a party at her apartment. He accepts her invitation with hopes of getting back together. However, at the party Tom finds out that Summer is engaged. He leaves and sinks into depression again.

Can a 12 year old watch 500 Days of Summer?

Parents need to know that (500) Days of Summer is a smart romantic dramedy that’s age-appropriate for teens and up, but its thoughtful exploration of relationships may speak more to those in college and older.