What do people wear at the Obon festival?

What do people wear at the Obon festival?

People prefer wearing Yukata especially on the nights of Bon-odori, fireworks display, and various kinds of summer festival, although usually only women wear Yukata, but men.

What does the Obon festival celebrate in Japan?

What is Obon? Obon also known as Bon Festival is an event that takes place over the course of several days commemorating and honoring ancestors. Obon centers around a belief that the spirits and souls of loved ones and dead ancestors come back to visit.

How has the Obon festival changed over time?

Over time, it has evolved into a family holiday where people pay respect to the dead and celebrate with their family members. People often visit the graves of their ancestors in order to clean and tidy them.

Why is Obon important to Japanese?

The Obon celebration is one of the most important customs for the Japanese. Also known as Bon, this season is used to celebrate the spirits of a person’s ancestors. A custom introduced by the Buddhists to the Japanese, it is a holiday that brings the family together and reunites them with the dead.

Is Obon a national holiday in Japan?

Even though Obon is a traditional festival and not an official holiday in Japan, many offices will be closed (around 60% of businesses close) and travelling on roads and public transport may be busier than normal as many people take a vacation during this period and return to their family homes.

Where in Japan is Obon celebrated?

Shichigatsu Bon (Bon in July) is based on the solar calendar and is celebrated around the 15th of July in eastern Japan (Kantō region such as Tokyo, Yokohama and the Tōhoku region), coinciding with Chūgen.

Why is Japan so fashionable?

Culture Richness of Japan Japan’s cultural richness has brought in many different interpretations of styles that are often observed in contemporary street fashion. Since the early 1850’s, when international trade had just begun, Japan was often considered to be the fashion inspiration.

Where is Obon celebrated in Japan?

Kyū Bon is celebrated in areas such as the northern part of the Kantō region, Chūgoku region, Shikoku, and Okinawa Prefecture. These three festival days are not listed as public holidays, but it is customary for people to be given leave….Bon (festival)

Obon Festival
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