What does 9 mean on remeha boiler?

What does 9 mean on remeha boiler?

This is what it says in the manual about a code 9:- The Remeha Avanta Plus has a low-water protection based on temperature readings. By modulating down as soon as there is a risk of an insufficient water flow, the boiler will keep working for as long as possible.

How do I reset my Remeha Avanta Plus boiler?

Pressing the ‘R’ for 3 seconds is indeed how to reset.

Where are Remeha boilers made?

De Dietrich Remeha

Industry Heating
Founded July 2004
Headquarters Apeldoorn , Netherlands
Area served Worldwide
Products Boilers

Who is Baxi owned by?

BDR Thermea Group
BDR Thermea Group reported a turnover of EUR 1.8 billion in 2020 and operates under renowned international market-leading brands, including De Dietrich, Baxi, Remeha, Brötje, Chappée and Baymak.

How do I reset my remeha?

Press ‘Reset’ to switch the boiler to operating mode. Press the ‘enter’ key until the codes are displayed. Press the key twice until codes p and 3 are displayed.

What are the different types of Remeha Avanta plus?

The Remeha Avanta Plus is a series of high-efficiency fully condensing central heating boilers, for wall mounting, available in the following types: • Remeha Avanta Plus 24c, 28c, 35c and 39c – with inte- grated domestic hot water system (Combi-type) • Remeha Avanta Plus 18s, 24s, 30s – without integrated domestic hot water system (System-type)

Is the Remeha Avanta plus boiler a combi range?

The Remeha Avanta Plus 18s, 24s and 30s have the same design and layout as the combi range without the DHW com- ponents (three way valve and plate heat exchanger). 8.3.1 Regulating The Remeha Avanta Plus is a fully modulating boiler and can be regulated using one or more of the following methods; 1.

What is the factory setting of the Remeha Avanta plus pump?

The Remeha Avanta Plus 18s, 24s, 30s, 24c and 28c are fitted with the Grundfos UPR 15-60 and the Avanta Plus 35c and 39c with the UPR 15-70, two-speed circulation pumps. The control unit ensures that when the hot-water function is active, the pump runs at ‘high’. The factory setting of the pump for CH function is ‘low.’

What is the temperature range of Remeha Avanta?

Remeha Avanta Range 24c | 28c | 35c | 39c | 18s | 24s | 30s 1120577.indd 120577.indd 1 66-3-2009 14:48:24-3-2009 14:48:24 2 Remeha Avanta Plus