What does e mean on Casio till?

What does e mean on Casio till?

This Casio till error message indicates that your cash register has the cashier system set up and that a transaction has been attempted without first signing on.

How do you reset a register?

They are not the same.) Plug in the cash register’s power cord and turn on the register. Press and hold the “Journal Feed” and “Receipt Feed” keys as you turn the key to the SRV position—the one without the apostrophe afterwards. Your Sharp cash register is now reset.

What is the Casio se-s700 cash register?

The Casio SE-S700 cash register is a secure and reliable cash management system that provides retail and hospitality business environments a better way of viewing and managing store operations. The Casio SE-S700 Electronic Cash Register provides enhanced sales and transaction analysis compared to other cash registers.

What is a se-s700 thermal printer?

The SE-S700 provide a high-speed single-station thermal printer with the ability to customize the receipt header message to print on customer receipts. The large easy-to-read operator and built-in rear customer LCD display assure accuracy in prices being entered through one of the eight (8) department keys or through one of the 999 PLUs.

Can I ship my product to a Casio authorized service center?

Due to the possibility of damage or loss, it is recommended when shipping the product to a CASIO Authorized Service Center that you package the product securely and ship it insured. CASIO HEREBY EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING ANY IM- PLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

What happens if the power supply to the cash register fails?

If the power supply to the cash register is cut by a power failure or any other reason, simply wait for power to be restored. The details of any ongoing transaction as well as all sales data in memory are protected by the memory backup batteries.