What does Glock 20SF mean?

What does Glock 20SF mean?

GLOCK 20 SF (Short Frame) The GLOCK 20 SF combines the SF (Short Frame) design with the powerful 10 mm Auto AUTO cartridge making the frame more comfortable and significantly enhancing controllability and accuracy.

Are Glock 10mm reliable?

The Glock 20 combines the impressive stopping power of the 10mm caliber with a 15-round capacity magazine that’s capable of accommodating a wide range of ammunition, all within the reliable and ergonomically friendly frame that is a trademark of the Glock brand.

What Gen is a Glock 20SF?

20SF Gen 3
This is the Glock 20SF Gen 3 full-size pistol. This is an extremely popular, duty gun that will provide you with years of reliable service. Striker-fired, polymer “short” frame for easy trigger reach, 4.61″ barrel.

Is the Glock 20 the best 10mm?

In a catalog saturated with popular 9mm offerings, the 10mm Glock 20 Gen4 stands apart as the Austrian gun manufacturer’s most powerful semi-automatic pistol. The Glock 20 is also the oldest 10mm in continuous production, successfully blending Glock’s legendary reliability with a newfound focus on stopping power.

Is the 10mm a good self defense round?

Simply put, the 10mm is an excellent cartridge for any kind of defensive duties. While the most powerful 10mm ammo will kick a little more than a 9mm, it is not scary or painful to shoot.

What is the Glock 20 SF 10mm Auto?

Tough as a tank, the Glock 20 SF boasts a smaller grip circumference while still packing 15 rounds of incredible 10mm AUTO power! My first test drive with the GLOCK 20 in 10mm AUTO took place on a cold winter’s day in 1991. A box containing the gun appeared on my desk. I had been looking forward to checking out this new pistol.

Is the Glock 20 SF the “glockzilla”?

After putting the original GLOCK 20 through the paces back in 1991, I christened the fire-breathing pistol the “GLOCKzilla.” The lightweight, high-capacity G20 had it all over competing 10mm AUTO designs, and this remains true to this day. And, the G20 SF proves to be even better.

What kind of pistol is a Glock 20?

The GLOCK 20 was the first of the Austrian manufacturer’s large-frame pistols, appearing on the scene a few months prior to the GLOCK 21 in .45 AUTO. At the time, the .40 cartridge hadn’t yet caught on, and there was still considerable interest in 10mm AUTO for law enforcement use.

Why carry a Glock 20 in Alaska?

The Glock 20 chambered in 10mm is increasingly common in the proving ground of large predators—Alaska. Professional guides and backwoodsman are increasingly carrying the G20 and for good reason.