What does Hammarby IF stand for?

What does Hammarby IF stand for?

Hammarby Idrottsförening (“Hammarby Sports Club”), commonly known as Hammarby IF or simply Hammarby ( Swedish pronunciation: [ˈhâmːarˌbyː] or, especially locally, [-ˌbʏ] ), is a Swedish sports club located in Stockholm, with a number of member organizations active in a variety of different sports.

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When did Hammarby IF win the Swedish Handball Championship?

Hammarby IF won three consecutive Swedish championships in handball from 2006 to 2008, breaking the dominance of clubs from southern and western Götaland that had won all domestic titles since 1978. In 2010, Hammarby IF also won their first Swedish championship in bandy, after ending as runners-up in six seasons of the previous decade.

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What is the history of Hammarby Roddförening?

When Hammarby Roddförening (Hammarby RF) was founded in 1889, the club’s crest consisted of a white flag with three green horizontal lines. It drew inspiration from two other competing rowing clubs in Stockholm that used two blue and two red lines respectively on a white flag, but chose the colour green since it represented hope.

What happened to Hammarby IF?

The Hammarby squads finished consistently in the top six in the league every year through 1987. In 1988, Hammarby finished last in the standings and were relegated to the second tier. Although the club placed first in 1989, it finished last in 1990. A chart showing the progress of Hammarby IF through the Swedish football league system.

Who are Hammarby IF DFF?

Hammarby IF DFF are the women’s football club affiliated to Hammarby Fotboll. Hammarby Damfotbollförening was first founded in 1970 as a section under Hammarby IF. In 1999 the association was reorganized and all the underlying sections got separated into an umbrella organization.