What does MPN mean on eBay listing?

What does MPN mean on eBay listing?

manufacturer part number
eBay uses an item’s brand, manufacturer part number (MPN), and global trade item numbers (GTINs)—such as Universal Product Codes (UPCs) and International Standard Book Numbers (ISBNs)—to help buyers quickly find the items they’re looking for.

Is MPN required on eBay?

As stated earlier, MPN is the manufacturer part number, and it is not compulsory one assigns it to their items on eBay. Although, there are some items on eBay where you have to assign an MPN eBay, especially those in the electronics category. Other times, you can choose whether you want to or not.

What is an item specific MPN?

MPN stands for Manufacturer Part Number. It is a unique number that is issued by manufacturers to identify individual products. Normally, the MPN of a product is a series of numbers and letters.

Is MPN and UPC the same?

Manufacturer part number (MPN) or model number They are a static identifier of a product which is universal to all distributors, wholesalers, resellers. This can usually be found near the UPC number on the box or label. Example of the MPN/model number on the product.

Is MPN the same as SKU?

MPN vs. SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) and MPN (Manufacturer Part Number) difference lies mainly in the method of usage. SKUs are used by retailers or brands to keep track of inventory internally; while MPNs are exposed to the customers and are visible to search engines and marketplaces.

How do I find my eBay ePID?

ePID is returned in the ProductReferenceID field of the FindProducts in the Shopping API. You can also find the ePID on eBay’s Web site. When you search by keyword, search results will return matching products. ePID for the product can be seen once you click into the product.

How do you find ePID?

You can also find the ePID on eBay’s Web site. When you search by keyword, search results will return matching products. ePID for the product can be seen once you click into the product. Yes, you can use the ePID when listing items by passing it in the Item.

How do I create an MPN?


  1. Submit any other relevant unique product identifiers. You might be required to submit the brand [brand] and GTIN [gtin] attributes.
  2. Use the MPN assigned by the manufacturer. Unless you’re the manufacturer, don’t use a value that you’ve created.
  3. Distinguish between variants.

What is eBay product ID ePID?

The ePID is the eBay Product ID. ( Similar to Amazon ASIN) It is a number that eBay assigns to items that do not have a UPC (and adds as an addition to the UPC) It is used to generate the Product Pages.

Where can I find an ePID?

What does MPN mean on eBay?

It’s defined as a unique code given to a product by the manufacturer for identifying that individual product. The use of MPN eBay when making a listing was made mandatory in 2016.

What is the manufacturer part number (MPN)?

And one of those indices is the Manufacturer part number (MPN). Whenever a buyer uses MPN on eBay to search for a product, there is a guaranteed your items will be displayed. An activity as simple as adding the MPN to your items will significantly improve the ranking and visibility of your item on eBay’s search engine result pages.

What is the difference between MPN and UPC on eBay?

UPC stands for Universal Product Code and appears on the packaging of items. Its significance is more prominent especially in the shipping and tracking of items. To learn more about eBay UPC, check out our article on the topic here. MPN, on the other hand, stands for Manufacturer Part Number.

How do eBay price recommendations work?

For certain items, eBay may provide a price recommendation in the listing flow. These price ranges and recommendations are based on similar items recently sold (fees excluded) Learn more about auctions. The Buy It Now price on an auction-style listing must be at least 40 per cent higher than the starting price.