What does name Yash mean?

What does name Yash mean?

success, splendor, majesty
Yash (यश्) is a Sanskrit word which means success, splendor, majesty, luxury, rich, eminence, and fame. It is usually used as a name. This name is mostly used in India.

Is Yash Arabic name?

It is a Muslim Boy name with lucky number 4. Yash’er is an Urdu name that is widely popular in all Muslim countries. It is often used to form names in combination with other words. You can also find similar names to Yash’er like Yasin, Yasir, Yusuf.

What is Yash lucky number?

Yash Name Meaning

Name: Yash
Urdu / Hindi : ‘ यश’
Origin: ‘Indian’
Lucky Number: ‘Yash lucky number is 8’
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How common is the name Yash in India?

Yash Surname Distribution Map

Place Incidence Frequency
India 5,375 1:142,710
Egypt 305 1:301,429
United States 194 1:1,868,345
Pakistan 61 1:2,928,588

Is Yash name of Lord Shiva?

Yash has a decent temperament which helps in making good reputation. Yash believes in helping others and is quite into philanthropic deeds. As a friend, Yash can be extremely decent and trustworthy….Similar Names to Yash.

Name Meaning
Yaj Worshipper; Sacrifice; Another name for Lord Shiva; A sage

What is the meaning of name Yash in Marathi?

Yash is Marathi Boy name and meaning of this name is “Prosperity, Victory, Glory, Fame”.

What is meaning of Yash in Gujarati?

Yash is Gujarati Boy name and meaning of this name is “Prosperity, Victory, Glory, Fame”.

Is Yash Tamil name?

Yash is Tamil Girl name and meaning of this name is “Glory; Fame; Success”.