What does no fuss no muss mean?

What does no fuss no muss mean?

The Meaning of No Fuss-No Muss: It’s an interesting term that was popular in the 1960s especially in advertising. It refers to the fact that it isn’t messy — i.e. you don’t have to make a big mess and/or mess around with something a lot to complete the task at hand.

What does muss and fuss mean?

If we take the idiom apart, a fuss is a state of excitement and it’s usually over something that isn’t worth worrying about in the first place. When you muss something, you mess it up … not beyong being able to fix it again, but just enough to make what was previously tidy a little bit untidy.

What does muss mean in slang?

2 slang : a confused conflict : row. 3 : a state of disorder : mess. muss. verb. mussed; mussing; musses.

What does muss mean in Arabic?

volume_up. 1. American English, colloquial. بَعْثَرَ [baʻṯara] {vb} muss (also: disturb, fling about, mess up, muddle up, strew, mix up, scatter)

How do you use the word fuss in a sentence?

I told him not to fuss. The baby fussed all day. Stop fussing and get to work! He’s fussing about his new assignment.

Is there such a word as muss?

While the verb muss means “make untidy,” it’s almost always used to talk about hair, and occasionally clothing. The word muss has been around since the nineteenth century, and it was probably originally a variation on mess. A muss was once also a term meaning “a fight or disturbance.”

What fussiness means?

1 : easily upset : irritable. 2 : overly decorative a fussy wallpaper pattern. 3a : requiring or giving close attention to details fussy bookkeeping procedures. b : revealing a sometimes extreme concern for niceties : fastidious, picky.

What is muss called in English?

mussnoun. a disorderly mess. mussverb. to rumple, tousle or make (something) untidy.

What does no cuts mean?

Adjective. no-cut (not comparable) (sports) Of a sportsman’s clause or contract: guaranteeing that they will not be taken off the team during a designated period. (business, by extension) Of any clause or contract: remaining in force until it expires, without the possibility of earlier cancellation.