What does pause for thought mean?

What does pause for thought mean?

Definition of give (someone) pause for thought : to cause (someone) to stop and think about something carefully or to have doubts about something The latest economic news has given investors pause for thought.

Should give us pause?

To stop temporarily; to hesitate; to hold back in order to reflect. This term, too, comes from Shakespeare, from Hamlet’s famous soliloquy on death (3.1), “For in that sleep of death what dreams may come . . . must give us pause.” Eric Partridge said it has been a cliché since the mid-nineteenth century.

What is an example of pause?

To pause is defined as to stop for a brief period of time. An example of pause is to stop a movie for a couple of minutes. The definition of a pause is a temporary stop or rest. An example of a pause is a three-second break in between the lines of a speech.

What does pause for a moment mean?

1 to cease an action temporarily; stop. 2 to hesitate; delay.

What happened to pause for the cause?

Taking a Pause to Evolve Friends, family and fans; We’ve been quiet lately, but for reasons that we didn’t expect. Our lack of concerts and online hiatus has been due to a recent lineup change. Founding member and prolific drummer/singer Brandon Jenkins has decided to leave P4TC.

Is Tepidness a word?

1. Moderately warm; lukewarm.

How do you pause your life?

5 Ways to Press the Pause Button on Your Life (The Formula I Swear By)

  1. Know Yourself & Live By Your Values. What are your deepest intentions, your core values—What do you prioritize over everything else?
  2. Stop Being a Stuff Manager.
  3. Open Yourself to Beauty & Adventure.
  4. Adopt a Noticing Practice.
  5. Fill Your Own Cup.

What does pause mean slang?

Pause (slang), in hip hop culture, a synonym of “no homo”

How do you pause a subject in a sentence?

“There was a brief pause before the music started again.” “There was a long pause during her heartbreaking speech.” “She makes frequent pauses during her walks.” “There was an awkward pause when his ex-wife walked into the room.”

Why do we pause?

When we pause at the right moments, we give our listeners the time to process what we say. We also allow our listeners to stay engaged, and this helps you to make them excited about what is to come. Pausing is also important for emphasis.

What is Tipid?

Definition of tepid 1 : moderately warm : lukewarm a tepid bath. 2a : lacking in passion, force, or zest tepid poetry. b : marked by an absence of enthusiasm or conviction a tepid interest a tepid response. Other Words from tepid Synonyms & Antonyms More Example Sentences Learn More About tepid.