What does the name of Emily mean?

What does the name of Emily mean?

The name Emily is derived from the Roman family name Aemilius. The Aemilius family was a prominent and powerful family in ancient Rome. The name may come from the Latin word aemulus meaning “rival,” or the Greek term aimylos meaning “wily” or “persuasive.”

What is the name Emily associated with?

The name Emily is girl’s name of Latin origin meaning “rival”. Emily was derived from the Roman name Aemilia, which may have evolved from the Latin word aemulus, meaning “hardworking” or “rival.” Amelia, although similar, has separate origins — it was derived from the Germanic name Amalia.

Is Emily a white name?

For example, while common English names such as ‘Emily’ or ‘Brad’ are perceived to be typical White (Cotton et al., 2014), other names such as ‘Tyrone’ and ‘Latisha’ are almost exclusively chosen by African American parents (Fryer and Levitt, 2004).

What is the male version of Emily?

Emily is a feminine given name derived from the Roman family name “Aemilius”, and is the feminine form of the name Emil.

What is a good last name for Emily?

To pretty name combos like Emily Isabelle, Emily Arabella, and Emily Grace. To middle names to go with Emily you’ll love like Emily Rose, Emily Pearl, Emily Beth, and Emily Louisa….BEST MIDDLE NAMES FOR EMILY.

Emily Anne Emily Jane
Emily Aurora Emily Louisa
Emily Beatrice Emily Maddison
Emily Beth Emily Marianne
Emily Brooke Emily Marie

What is the meaning of Zebedee?

[ 3 syll. ze-be-dee, zeb-ed-ee ] The baby boy name Zebedee is pronounced as ZEHB-ih-Diy in English †. Zebedee is mainly used in English and it is of Hebrew origin. Biblical name: Zebedee is of the meaning my gift; given by God.

Was Zebedee’s family in easy circumstances?

It has been inferred from the mention of his “hired servants,” ( Mark 1:20 ) and from the acquaintance between the apostle John and Annas the high priest, ( John 18:15 ) that the family of Zebedee were in easy circumstances. comp. ( John 19:27 ) although not above manual labor.

Who was Zebedee in the New Testament?

In the New Testament, Zebedee plays the major role of the fisherman father of two disciples, James and John, and was with his sons mending his fishing nets when they were called by Christ. The name was popularized in the U.K. by a jack-in-the-box puppet named Zebedee on an early kids’ TV show, The Magic Roundabout .

Is Salome the mother of Zebedee?

The Catholic Encyclopedia concludes that the Salome of Mark 15:40 is probably identical with the mother of the sons of Zebedee in Matthew. Zebedee was presumably a fisherman, “probably of some means.”