What happened in season 2 of Married to Medicine?

What happened in season 2 of Married to Medicine?

Simone and Cecil’s financial problems start to weigh heavily on their marriage. With Cecil away, Dr. Simone hosts a fun filled slumber party where she learns how to get her sexy back. Meanwhile, Lisa Nicole receives some devastating news that could turn her world upside down.

Why was Married to Medicine Cancelled?

Originally, the show was supposed to have a third season, but filming was pushed back due to COVID-19. Bravo ultimately decided to pull the plug, and this decision was met with some backlash.

Who is the new girl on Married to Medicine?

Married to Medicine is almost back — and with a brand new cast member. The Bravo series will air its season 8 premiere on Sunday, March 7, featuring new addition Anila Sajja, a fashion blogger and wife of Dr. Kiran Sajja. “Anila lives a fabulous life working hard and playing harder,” her bio reads.

Has Married to Medicine been Cancelled?

The season started in March and ended on 18 July 2021 (The finale episode was screened), a total of 19 episodes were seen with an average episode time of 41-43 minutes. However, no official announcement has been made about the cancellation of season 9.

Why did Mariah leave Married to Medicine?

In an interview with All About the Tea in June 2020, Mariah confirmed that producers had not asked her back to season 8, alleging both racism and unfair treatment.

Is Mariah HuQ still executive producer of Married to Medicine?

She is the executive producer of the reality show Married to Medicine. She has also made an appearance on the TV seriesWatch What Happens: Live as herself. Mariah is married to Dr.

Is Mariah Huq returning to Married to Medicine?

Now, with confirmation that Mariah Huq will indeed not be coming back to Married to Medicine (via Distractify), we’ll definitely miss her tell-it-like-it-is personality! Season 8 of Married to Medicine is set to premiere on March 7, 2021.

Why is quad no longer on Married to Medicine?

Originally, it was reported that producers decided to remove her and Mariah Huq from the show. Dr. Heavenly Kimes would later reveal that she played a role in getting producers to agree to bring Quad back. So she was hurt when Quad dragged her on Instagram.

Was Mariah fired?

Even though Mariah Huq brings all sorts of addictive drama to the show, it seems that producers have decided to not bring her back. In fact, the Atlanta socialite posted a bombshell video to Instagram in April 2020, suggesting that her exit is not by choice.

Is quad and Dr Gregory divorce?

Quad Webb Gives an Update on Her Love Life Gregory Lunceford. Married to Medicine chronicled their life as newlyweds in Season 1 and their attempt to work through their relationship issues before ultimately deciding to go their separate ways in Season 6. Their divorce was finalized in 2019.

Is Dr Aydin and Mariah still together?

Mariah Huq and her husband, Dr. Aydin Huq, recently had their 15th wedding anniversary! The Married to Medicine couple had planned to take a sunny vacation to celebrate their love, but had to change their plans in light of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.