What happened to Douglas Mawson in Antarctica?

What happened to Douglas Mawson in Antarctica?

Only when the storm dropped on February 8 did he find his way to base at last–just in time to see the expedition’s ship, Aurora, leaving for Australia. A shore party had been left to wait for him, but it was too late for the ship to turn, and Mawson found himself forced to spend a second winter in Antarctica.

What did Douglas Mawson discover?

Sir Douglas Mawson is one of Australia’s best known Antarctic explorers. His personal Antarctic achievements include discovering the location of the south magnetic pole as part of Shackleton’s Nimrod Expedition, and organizing and leading the first true scientific expedition to Antarctica.

When did Douglas Mawson migrate to Australia?

He was born in Shipley, West Riding of Yorkshire, but was less than two years old when his family emigrated to Australia and settled at Rooty Hill, now in the western suburbs of Sydney; Later he and his family moved to the inner-Sydney suburb of Glebe in 1893.

Did Mawson reach the South Pole?

A member of the scientific staff of Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton’s Antarctic Expedition (1907), Mawson, together with T.W.E. David, reached the south magnetic pole on the high ice plateau of Victoria Land on January 16, 1909.

How long did it take Douglas Mawson to get to Antarctica?

While undertaking a doctorate at Sydney University, Douglas Mawson joined Ernest Shackleton’s 1907 to 1909 Nimrod expedition as a geologist, his first Antarctic experience. Along with his mentor Professor T.W. Edgeworth David, Mawson completed the longest Antarctic man-hauling sledge journey of 122 days.

How long was Mawson in Antarctica?

What was the purpose of Mawson’s expedition to Antarctica?

At the time, Antarctica had not been properly mapped. So after visiting the continent once before with British explorer Ernest Shackleton, Mawson decided to lead his own expedition, the Australasian Antarctic Expedition to map the coastal area of Antarctica closest to Australia.

Who went with Mawson to Antarctica?

Where did Sir Douglas Mawson live?

AdelaideDouglas Mawson / Places lived

What happened to Mawson and his companions on their journey?

As the team crossed an ice field, riven with crevasses concealed by snow, Ninnis and the six strongest dogs fell to their deaths into a chasm hundreds of feet deep. Most of the human food, all of the dog food and the main tent went with them.

Who was the first woman to foot in Antarctica?

Caroline Mikkelsen
In 1935, Caroline Mikkelsen, wife of a Norwegian whaling captain, became the first known woman to set foot, briefly, in Antarctica—but not the first person. A man had stepped onto the continent more than a hundred years earlier, and men had begun the “heroic era” of Antarctic exploration decades before.