What happened to GoLite packs?

What happened to GoLite packs?

When the wildly popular ultralight gear company, GoLite, ceased operations back in 2014 due to a struggling business model, backpackers, hikers, and outdoor athletes around the country mourned. Four years later, the brand is back in business under new ownership.

What company is GoLite now?

My Trail Co.
GoLite Relaunches With ‘Outletic’ Apparel The duo has since spearheaded another outdoor gear brand, My Trail Co. According to Snews, GoLite now has backing from a Taiwanese holding company and will be headquartered in Seattle.

How do you apply GoLite cream?

Map the skin tone on the Golite skin tone shade card. Take the cream on your tip of your finger and apply on concern areas in circular motion. After 3 months of regular application, map the skin tone of concern areas with the shade card to check the lightening of the skin tone. Apply twice daily.

Is golite cream safe?

Golite Cream generally won’t cause any side effects. If you experience any application site reactions such as skin reddening or rash or any other allergic reactions, check with your healthcare professional. Safety Advice: Cleanse face with soap free cleanser and gently pat dry.

Is golite cream effective?

Key benefits of Golite Skin Lightening Cream: It scavenges free radicals which are a major cause of hyperpigmentation. It inhibits tyrosinase activity which leads to the synthesis of melanin. It inhibits the production of melanin which causes hyperpigmentation of the skin.

What is pTeroWhite?

pTeroWhite® 90% is a proprietary natural pterostilbene ingredient for cosmetic application, extracted from the dried heartwood of Pterocarpus marsupium. It functions as a skin conditioning agent with skin lightening and antioxidant properties.

Is Cosmelite next safe?

Cosmelite comes with The next generation anti-melasma topical formulation. Cosmelite Next Cream contain Silymarin (anti oxidant & anti-inflammatory activity, prevents UV induce damage and decrease pigment spot formation), a novel effective & safe treatment option in Melasma.

How long should I use golite cream?

Is pTeroWhite safe for skin?

pTeroWhite® is safe for use in cosmeceutical compositions. The primary skin irritation potential was found to be zero, validating the safety of pTeroWhite® for topical use.